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The value proposition of life-cycle funds: opportunity cost or risk management tool?

Are life-cycle funds an opportunity cost to members or a tool for managing a member’s risks through their different life stages?

Welcome to New Members - May 2018

Welcome to the Institute’s newest members both in Australia and overseas. Here they are listed.

Build something that matters - Join the Social Networking Actuaries Group!

The Social Networking Actuaries Group (SNAG) Committee helps the Institute’s 4,000 members expand their social and professional networks. Here’s a taste of what the group’s been up to, plus its 2018 Calendar of Events!

Towards greater diversity - member and committee demographics

Ashish Ahluwalia outlines Actuaries Institute member and committee demographics as he describes the goals of the Institute's Diversity and Inclusion Working Group to promote awareness and inclusiveness.

2015 Member Survey Results

Two separate groups of Members were surveyed in 2015 regarding their assessment of the Institute’s performance across a broad range of member service practices and outcomes. The HQ Team were very pleased with the results. The Institute is currently performing well in the top five areas and there are a number of initiatives planned, through the Strategic Plan, that should see improvements in the five lowest scoring areas of the Survey.

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