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Chief Editor, Kirsten Armstrong

Kirsten is a Principal at Taylor Fry. She has experience in more than 25 countries, is a Board Director of disability provider Northcott, and was recognised as one of the AFR’s 100 Women of Influence in 2019. Kirsten previously worked as member of the Executive Team for the Fred Hollows Foundation where she pioneered ways to improve program impact and attract investors to help blindness around the world. She has had a long and active history with the profession, and is currently a member of the Health Practice Committee and the COVID-19 Working Group, and was previously a lecturer on the Commercial Actuarial Practice course. Kirsten was one of the first actuaries profiled in the 2014 See what we see campaign and in the same year directly contributed to the Institute’s public policy work as co-author of the 2014 Green Paper Who will fund our health?

RMPC Editor, Camille Cuche

Camille is Deputy Chief Risk Officer, Asia at RGA Reinsurance. A Fellow of the Actuaries Institute since 2004, Camille has over 20 years experience in the life insurance industry. Since joining RGA in 2006, she has held several pricing leadership roles with responsibility spanning multiple markets including Japan, Korea, India, Taiwan and Australia. Camille has led diverse actuarial teams across Asia Pacific. Prior to RGA, Camille has actuarial consulting experience with Deloitte and Milliman as well as investment banking experience at Credit Suisse.

Climate Risk Editor, Clarissa Dharma

Clarissa works within Macquarie’s Infrastructure and Real Assets division on products and fundraising. She is a member of the Communications Subgroup for the Actuaries Institute’s Climate Risk Working Group and a Fellow of the Institute. Previously, Clarissa worked at EY in the actuarial consulting practice.  

General Insurance Editor, Amitoz Gill

Amitoz is currently the Head of Pricing and Advanced Analytics at Avant Mutual. A Fellow of the Actuaries Institute since 2011, Amitoz has worked in a range of roles in the general insurance industry across reserving, pricing and capital management.

GIPC Editor, Joseph Hoang-Luu

Joseph is a manager at KPMG Australia, where he focusses on applying an actuarial lens across non-traditional sectors such as transport, energy, telecommunications, and other infrastructure. Creativity and simplicity are ideals that he champions in his day to day work.

Student Editor, Lucky Joeng

Lucky is a Part II actuarial student at Macquarie University who is collaborating with other actuarial students and University Actuarial Student Societies on student columns on a range of topics, and articles to help explain pathways under the new Education Program. Lucky is a UNSW alumni who graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Telecommunications Engineering/Master of Biomedical Engineering. He is also the Founding Tutor of Rabbit Rabbit Education where he tutors in mathematics.

Data Analytics Editor, Hugh Miller

Hugh is a Principal at Taylor Fry. He is also part of the Actuaries Institute’s Public Policy Council Committee and pens the column ‘Normal Deviance’.

Superannuation and Investments Editor, Rein van Rooyen

Rein is the Head of Investment Performance & Data at QSuper as well as an Actuarial Educator for the Institute. Rein serves on the IAA Education Committee, the Actuaries Institute’s Education Council Committee, the Life Insurance and Wealth Management Practice Committee, the Superannuation, Projections and Disclosures Sub-Committee as well as the Young Actuaries Program Committee. He is also the Convenor for the Investment Management and Finance Faculty of the Institute. 

HPC Editor, Zachary Tirrell

Zachary is a member of the Actuaries Institute’s Actuarial Education team, a casual senior consultant at Quantium Health and a scholarship-holding candidate at the Macquarie University Centre for the Health Economy. He is a member of the Health Practice Committee

HQ Editors

Katrina McFadyen

Katrina is the Executive General Manager, Communications and Marketing at the Actuaries Institute, she has been continuously involved with the production of Actuaries Digital since 2002 including when she lived in the Middle East from 2008-2010. Katrina has overall responsibility for the development, recommendation and implementation of communication strategies which ensure the Institute reaches Members and targeted industry segments with information that serves and anticipates their needs.

Richard Bannon

Richard is the Senior Communications and Marketing Specialist at the Actuaries Institute. He contributes to the delivery of progressive communications strategies and associated products and services to promote brand ‘Actuary’ and ensure that members’ experiences positively impact the Institute’s growth and position in the market. He writes and produces video and audio to support Institute campaigns and coordinates the production of Actuaries Digital.

Kitty Chan

Kitty is the Liaison Manager, Asia at the Actuaries Institute. She is based in Hong Kong and focuses on the Institute’s Asia-based members in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Malaysia. She previously practised in General Insurance in Sydney and lived in Taipei and Singapore before relocating back to Hong Kong.