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Chief Editor, Robert Daly

Robert is a Partner at Deloitte and has been a managing director, CFO, CRO and Chief Actuary. He has worked in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the US in different sectors including insurance, funds management and banking. Robert is a lifetime learner who has completed actuarial, risk and investment qualifications as well as qualifications in psychology, economics, and machine learning. He has been known to watch maths YouTube videos in his spare time as well as attend philosophy lectures.

General Insurance Co-Editor, Amitoz Gill

Amitoz is Head of Pricing and Advanced Analytics at Avant Mutual. A Fellow of the Institute since 2011, Amitoz has worked in a range of roles in the general insurance industry across reserving, pricing and capital management.

General Insurance Co-Editor, James Aclis

James is a qualified FIAA, CERA and jack of many trades, with credentials in actuarial valuations and reviews, modelling and data analytics, risk and governance, and alternative insurance solutions.

Having worked in NZ, the UK, and Saudi Arabia, James also specialises in communication skills and facilitates presentation skills courses and training forums for professional teams and at universities.

Risk Management Editor, Clement Peng

Clement is currently teaching Business Law and Finance at the University of Sydney Business School. He has worked for the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority for over 10 years, with his experience spanning across the insurance and banking industries, having held various roles at Data Analytics, supervision, strategy and performance. Clement is an Associate of the Institute of Actuaries Australia (AIAA) and Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS). He is also a member of the Climate and Sustainability Working Group (CSWG), and completing his Doctor of Philosophy degree at the Macquarie University.

Data Analytics Editor, Hugh Miller

Hugh is a Principal at Taylor Fry and is the Institute’s 2021 Actuary of the Year. He is a Fellow of the Institute, part of the Institute’s Public Policy Council Committee and pens the column ‘Normal Deviance’. Focusing primarily on the social sector, Hugh uses data in actuarial and advanced analytics projects to improve government policy across employment, welfare, disability and homelessness. This work has helped break ground in the way governments approach investment in society’s most vulnerable communities.

Health Editor, Zachary Tirrell

Zachary is a member of the Institute’s Actuarial Education team, a casual senior consultant at Quantium Health and a scholarship-holding candidate at the Macquarie University Centre for the Health Economy. He a Fellow of the Institute and is the Actuaries Digital lead for the Institute’s Health Practice Committee.

Climate Risk Co-Editor, Jim O’Donnell

Jim’s career has been in life insurance and superannuation initially with AMP and then with APRA. Jim has a strong interest in sustainability and climate change in particular.

Climate Risk Co-Editor, Stephanie Wong

Stephanie is a Business Risk Modelling Manager with over a decade of experience in pricing, analytics, reserving and capital across general and life insurance. Stephanie is interested in climate risk and sustainability and is part of the Institute’s Climate Risk Working Group.

Super and Investments, Terence Leung

Terence is a Senior Actuary at Australian Retirement Trust and a Fellow of the Actuaries Institute. He has worked in a range of superannuation consulting roles across corporate, industry and public sector funds. Terence is also a member of various subcommittees reporting to the Superannuation and Investments Practice Committee.

Life Insurance, Jack Dhung

Jack is a Principal Consultant at Dataly with over 9 years experience in the life insurance industry. Jack has worked in a range of areas including valuation, capital and IFRS 17 implementation. In addition to supporting the Actuaries Digital, Jack also contributes to the Fellowship examination process.

Wealth Management, Tian Lim

Tian works in the Model Risk team at Macquarie Group. He is a Fellow of the Institute and has previously been involved in a range of consulting projects within the risk management and retirement practice areas.

Diversity & Inclusion Editor, Ayeeda Akhand

Ayeeda is the Actuaries Digital lead for the Institute’s Diversity and Inclusion Working Group and is a Fellow of the Institute. She has worked in the life insurance industry in corporate, regulatory and consulting roles.

Student Editor, Lucky Joeng

Lucky is a Part II actuarial student at Macquarie University who is collaborating with other actuarial students and University Actuarial Student Societies on student columns on a range of topics, and articles to help explain pathways under the new Education Program. Lucky is a UNSW alumni who graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Telecommunications Engineering/Master of Biomedical Engineering. He is also the Founding Tutor of Rabbit Rabbit Education where he tutors in mathematics.

HQ Editors


Kitty Chan

Kitty is the Liaison Manager, Asia at the Actuaries Institute. She is based in Hong Kong and focuses on the Institute’s Asia-based members in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Malaysia. She previously practised in General Insurance in Sydney and lived in Taipei and Singapore before relocating back to Hong Kong.