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At Actuaries Digital, our focus is to provide relevant, high quality timely content to our readership.

Our ambitious vision is to be the first port of call for the actuarial profession and for the people working in the industries being served by actuaries. We want to do our part in promoting brand Actuary and be the platform for actuaries to showcase their talent and thought-leadership for their industries.

When you arrive at your desk, or pick up your laptop to begin a day’s work, we want to be the first website you visit to catch up with the news and views.

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Chief Editor, Trang Duncanson

Trang has 20 years of life insurance experience, in both consultancy and corporate environments. Trang actively volunteers her time to the Institute. Over the last five years, she was a member of the LAGIC Capital Taskforce, the Life Financial Reporting Sub-Committee and a member of the Leadership & Career Development Committee. Trang champions diversity and inclusiveness, and is passionate about what actuaries can achieve and add to organisations.


Editor, Sharanjit Paddam

Sharanjit has worked in general insurance for over twenty years. At Taylor Fry, he acts as Appointed Actuary to a number of insurers and reinsurers. As father to two small boys, he can mimic a wide variety of dinosaurs and can confidently describe the inner workings of a steam engine.


Editor, Arun Isaac

Arun is a Senior Analyst in the Retail Pricing team at the Commonwealth Bank.


Editor, Lesley Traverso

With over 20 years of experience recruiting Actuaries around the globe, Lesley brings a broad and diverse approach to Actuaries Digital. Lesley has been part of the organising committee for the Actuaries Summit (formerly known as the Biennial Convention) for the past 12 years and is known for her creative ideas and an off-beat sense of humour.


Editor, Enock Chiyangwa

Enock is an analyst within the Group Life Policy team at MLC Life Insurance focusing on internal process improvement, risk mitigation and enhancing customer experience. He is passionate about drawing strategic insights from big data and product innovation.


Editor, Suba Chelva

Suba has actuarial experience in general insurance and has worked across a range of insurers. Suba specialises in reserving. Outside work, Suba is a member of the Risk Management Practice Sub-Committee, volunteers her time across refugee community service programs and enjoys travelling.


Editor, Danielle Di Sano

Danielle has seven years of experience working in banking. She is currently the lead modeller for Suncorp Bank's Non Retail portfolios. Danielle represents the Institute's Risk Management Practice Committee.


Editor, Hendrie Koster

Hendrie is a Principal in Mercer’s Investments business. He advises clients on a wide range of issues including investment strategy, portfolio construction and manager selection. Hendrie is a member of the Superannuation Practice Committee, with a focus on member services.


Editor, Angat Sandhu

Angat is a Principal based in Oliver Wyman’s Sydney office where he works in depth with major banks and insurers in Australia and Asia, helping organisations fine-tune their strategy in response to changing economic, regulatory and competitive dynamics. Angat represents the Institute's Life Insurance and Wealth Management Practice Committee.


Editor, Peter Sinkis

Peter is a Manager at NAB working as part of the Deposits Product Portfolio Management team, supporting the Corporate and Wholesale deposit segments.  He is also a member of the Institute's Banking Practice Committee.


Editor, Arie van den Berg

Arie works at the Queensland State Actuary’s Office, applying his general insurance experience across a wide variety of areas. He is a member of the General Insurance Practice Committee and edits the GIPC newsletter. With his actuarial brain turned off, he hopes against hope for another period of Brisbane Lions success, and that at least one of his four wonderful children will come to appreciate cricket games involving innings of more than 20 overs.


Chief Editor HQ, Katrina McFadyen

Katrina is Head of Communications and Marketing at the Actuaries Institute, she has been continuously involved with the production of the magazine since 2002 including when she lived in the Middle East from 2008-2010.  Katrina has overall responsibility for the development, recommendation and implementation of communication strategies which ensure the Institute reaches Members and targeted industry segments with information that serves and anticipates their needs.


Editor HQ, Ian Cook

Ian is the Content and Brand Manager at the Actuaries Institute. He focuses on the direction and production of content across the Institute’s web properties. His experience is a combination of marketing, graphic design, communications, branding, motion graphics, and audio & video production.

Editor HQ, Stephanie Quine

Stephanie is a Digital Marketing Specialist at the Actuaries Institute and regularly writes and produces video, audio and imagery for the magazine. She has a background in journalism and is involved with the Institute’s public policy work.


Editor HQ, Jennifer Yu

Jennifer is the Communications and Marketing Coordinator at the Actuaries Institute. She plays an overall supportive role for the Communications and Marketing team, including editing articles for Actuaries Digital.