Editorial Policy

At Actuaries Digital our purpose is to promote brand Actuary, and promote connectivity within the profession, by providing a platform for actuaries to showcase their diverse talent and thought-leadership to the profession and to those in the industries served by actuaries.

To achieve its purpose Actuaries Digital:

  • Aims to publish articles of interest to actuaries on topics relevant to actuarial involvement and, also source articles from external parties.

  • Encourages articles and discussion that promote the objectives of the profession and the Actuaries Institute however, Actuaries Digital does not provide a forum for opinion or interpretation of scientific facts where actuaries do not have expertise.

  • Ensures a high quality to the published articles by requiring an editorial review process to a standard and depth as suitable and relevant to the nature of the online article.

  • Encourages all Members of the Actuaries Institute and external authors to submit articles, and aims to provide editorial assistance where necessary to achieve this objective.


The Editorial Team:

  • Reviews and updates the editorial policy and strategy for Actuaries Digital as required.

  • Reviews and updates the contributor’s guidelines for which articles it feels should be published and in what circumstances, as required.

  • Generates ideas, receives articles and discussions for publication and manages the review process as required, to determine whether articles and discussions will be published.