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Editorial Policy

At Actuaries Digital our focus is to provide relevant, high quality timely content to our readership. The Editorial Committee welcomes both solicited and unsolicited articles from both members and non-members of the Actuaries Institute. The Committee reserves the right to accept or reject articles and / or request changes as well as edit for length, basic syntax, grammar, spelling and punctuation.




Please ensure you check our Gooder Grammer and Speling Guide - this will save time during the review process and help us publish your article sooner.


As long as you want it to be but… we recommend approximately 1,000 words for ease of reading. You can always insert links, references and footnotes to expand your content.

Photographs / Images

If you are supplying images to accompany your article, they need to adhere to the following specs.

  • Resolution 72dpi (can be found by right clicking on the photo, selecting properties, details tab and dpi should be listed).
  • Maximum file size is 2MB.
  • Maximum image size is 2000 x 2000 pixels.

All photos / images must be supplied with captions.

Charts and Graphs

Charts, tables and graphs cannot always be extracted from Word programs. They must be at high resolution to extract successfully. Ideally they should be supplied separately as jpeg picture files.

Author Credit

Tell us about yourself in two or three sentences (50-70 words). Subject to your article being accepted, we will use this to populate the ‘About the author(s)’ field at the end of your article.

We also need a suitable portrait image of you - 200 x 200 pixels (preferably a headshot).

Ready to submit your article?

You can upload your article and associated images and files thorough our contribution portal or via email.