Mental Spinach for your career

Actuary and Rhodes Scholar Ian Pollard, together with his daughter Jess Pollard, a career coach, authored the pocket-book Mental Spinach. This brief look at the book's four 'Lenses' outlines important questions to reflect on to design your life and build an engaging and fulfilling career. *Includes four podcasts!*


Fact vs Fiction: Gender Diversity in STEM

At this special Insights session for International Women's Day, the focus was on the low uptake of advanced mathematics by girls in school. It explored the causes of low STEM uptake among school students, the implications, and what we can do about it. Lucky Joeng was in the audience.

Becoming an effective communicator

One of the most valuable strengths to have as an actuary is great communication skills. In this article, Tim Lam outlines the importance of difficult professional conversations and how the upcoming YAP event can help you become an effective communicator.