Thinking outside the box (ticking)

As professionals, we are regularly required to ‘sign off’ on something. This may be in the context of our role in an organisation, or it may be in an individual capacity. In either situation, we can all appreciate the temptation to view the sign off as routine and fail to apply much thought to the process. As we start to navigate our way into the new year, this may be a good time to reflect on the risks associated with this mentality and commit to an elevated mindset in 2022.


Credit rating agencies in managing climate risk

Rating agencies play an important role in providing insights into the financial risk of organisations around the world. Their ratings can have an impact on the cost of capital associated with the equity and debt issuances of our financial services sector. In late-2021, representatives from S&P Global were invited to present to the Actuaries Institute’s Climate Risk Working Group to advise how S&P look at climate risk in credit ratings, and how S&P validate climate change scenario analysis and TCFD reporting.

Planning for the year ahead – An actuarial approach

Hello 2022! What’s in store for your year ahead? While we can’t individually control the pandemic, we can set our intentions about what we hope to achieve in 2022. Now, I love to plan, sometimes even more than I love to deliver! However, to get some diversity of tips, I asked seven actuaries, who I personally know to be excellent planners, for their top tips on planning for the year ahead. Find out what they recommended.

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Top 10 podcasts for 2021

This year, the Actuaries Institute introduced several new 'mini-podcast' series, and continued existing favourites such as the ‘Driven by Data’ and the ‘SIPC Super Series’. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to podcasts this year. Your efforts have ensured we continue to publish high quality, relevant content on a diverse range of topics. Here are the 10 ‘most downloaded’ podcasts of 2021.


Mastering mathematics for Australia’s future

The Actuaries Institute has launched its latest Public Policy Statement, titled 'Mastering Mathematics for Australia’s Future'. The Statement, developed by Martin Mulcare with a team of actuaries, outlines that Australian students’ aspirations and their awareness of the value of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills and the breadth of STEM careers is declining because they don’t understand how maths is relevant to everyday life.


Driven by Data: Gaining a coding edge

To improve at anything in life, whether it’s recreational, personal or professional, you need to practice. And in this episode of the Driven by Data Podcast, find out how you can enhance your coding and data analytics skillset through taking part in structured, risk-free Kaggle Competitions.

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"S&P Global reminded us that credit ratings are intended to provide a “forward-looking opinion about creditworthiness”, focused on an “entity’s capacity to meet its financial commitments when they become due”. "
Hoa (Kim) Nguyen
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