Under the Spotlight – Jessica Cong

Actuarial training has the potential to bring an exciting range of worldly opportunities and experiences. In the latest Under the Spotlight, we spoke to 4th year Bachelor of Actuarial Studies student, Jessica Cong, who shares her journey across the globe bringing change to credit union members. 


Towards a smarter default Account-Based Pension

When will we see smarter Account-Based Pensions? This article suggests that ABP providers could offer some drawdown guidance other than the statutory minimum through a slightly tweaked 'default' withdrawal rate, using a more complex approach with the objective of producing an even better member outcome.

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Designing an Improved and Integrated Retirement System for all Australians

Who says actuaries aren’t brave? They would surely be wrong given the bold discussion that three eminent actuaries are leading through the Institute’s latest Green Paper, Options for an Improved and Integrated Retirement System. The Institute paper, written by Anthony Asher, David Knox and Michael Rice, today put forward wide ranging potential reform options and sets out the case for why and how fundamental reform of Australia’s system of retirement can be done.


APRA takes action on climate change

It’s been three months since the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) released their Information Paper - Climate Change: Awareness to action. We’ve checked in with Geoff Summerhayes from APRA to chat about the findings and actions from the Paper.

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"Guy provided a high-level summary of the roles of actuaries. He emphasised that actuaries are equipped with an in-depth understanding of risk, probability and finance, as well as the analytical skills that help business and society plan for the best possible future."
William Lim
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