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A fair go – a Twitter analysis of the 2022 Australian Federal Election

With the countdown to the 2022 Federal Election reaching its climax today, the Young Data Analytics Working Group (YDAWG) has once again traversed into the ‘Twittersphere’ to take in what the candidates, parties and the public have been saying, and have applied a machine learning algorithm to mimic the candidates’ tweets. Check out the YDAWG's analysis.


Possible tax concession for tenants

The proportion of people renting has been rising, despite the general desire for people to own their own homes and government incentives for first home buyers. Homeowner occupiers enjoy the benefit of several tax concessions, whereas tenants have none (except when working from home). Geoff Dunsford suggests a logical tax concession for tenants consistent with one of those applying to homeowner occupiers, which would reduce the inequality.

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Driven by Data: Insights from an actuarial entrepreneur

It takes bravery, poise and commitment to make the jump from the relative comforts of full-time employment to establishing a startup – especially in the rapidly evolving data analytics space. For tech entrepreneur, data scientist and actuary Sam Zheng, he has taken these challenges in his stride. Sam joins Meg Yang on the 'Driven by Data' Podcast to delve into his experience from setting up not one, but two artificial intelligence startups, how his actuarial skillset has helped him adapt to the innovative entrepreneurial world, and his essential tips for getting into the space.


That’s Super: Big industry, big career opportunities

There is certainly no set pathway when it comes to forging a career as an actuary, just ask Meray El-Khoury. Meray (Chief Insurance Officer, MetLife Australia) joins Christine Li (Secretary, Actuaries Institute’s Superannuation and Investments Practice Committee) on the ‘That’s Super’ Podcast to discuss her unique career journey across traditional and non-traditional fields, the importance of building your personal brand, and being brave enough to take a plunge.


Diversity and Inclusion Series: Spotlight on dyslexia

Brandon Raiter (Actuarial Consultant at Deloitte) joins the ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ Podcast to talk all things relating to dyslexia, his diagnosis, myths and resources. Hosted by Harrison Gee (Actuarial Analyst at The Heron Partnership), Brandon discusses his own diagnosis with dyslexia, how this has affected his life from schooling to career and more.

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"COVID-19 has no doubt transformed the global insurance industry over the past two years, from product offerings and risk management to acceleration of digitalisation. Hong Kong, being a key global insurance hub, has also experienced some changes as a result. However, the impact on the local consumers and insurers had been relatively small, until Omicron hit."
Iris Lun
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