A view of the future

In our previous article in this series, "Know thyself", we looked at member responses to HorizonScan35 research focused on the actuary brand and career support from the Actuaries Institute. Here, we look at how members perceive the future of the profession – and a holistic view of what our member research has to tell us.

Plenary highlights from the IDSS

The IDSS brought together actuaries, scheme administrators, regulators, researchers, and injury and disability specialists over two days, offering attendees a birds-eye view of innovative developments in the disability industry, including investment trends, technology, and improving standards for psychological injury claims.

“Know thyself”

Over the past year, the Actuaries Institute has gone through a deep and extended process of strategic thinking. Our HorizonScan35 (H35) project and our new strategy are unfolding soon. An important part of that process is understanding how the profession perceives itself, which resulted in the delivery of a focused EDM/SMS survey of nearly 5,000 members as part of H35. The survey canvassed three big questions, and in this article, we’re focusing on the brand and career-related questions.

Videos & Podcasts


SIPC Super Series: Optimising member outcomes

Actuary and UniSuper Strategy Lead Vivian Dang joins the new ‘SIPC Super Series’ Podcast, the first in a new series by the Actuaries Institute’s Superannuation and Investments Practice Committee, which will shine a light on all aspects of the superannuation industry.


Celebrating International Actuaries Day

In celebration of International Actuaries Day, the International Actuarial Association have released a series of punchy interviews to showcase the influential work of actuaries from all over the world. These include features with Actuaries Institute Members David Knox, Clarissa Dharma, Andrew Boal, and Emma Vitz. Check out the interviews!

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