Census 2021, COVID-19 and Big Data at the ABS

In an era of Big Data, do we still need a census? That’s the question I put to Dr David Gruen, Australian Statistician and Head of the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Every five years, each of us sit down with our households to complete the Census of Population and Housing, a ritual that’s been undertaken in Australia since 1911 and in some states since 1806. We’ll have that opportunity again on Tuesday 10 August.


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Machine learning explained

What is machine learning? Which industries are likely to benefit from it in the future? How can actuaries influence the way machine learning is applied? Equipped with a combined 28+ years’ experience working closely with machine learning models, influential data analytics actuaries Jacky Poon (Head of Finance at nib Travel) and Michael Storozhev (Head of Underwriting, Asia and Startup Ventures at Cover-More) join the 'Driven by Data' Podcast to predict where and how machine learning will be applied in the future. Here’s a hint… it could end up operating your fridge!


New ‘mini-podcast’ series builds excitement ahead of Virtual Summit

In the lead up to the 2021 All-Actuaries Virtual Summit, a broad cross-section of industry experts and thought leaders joined the Actuaries Institute Podcast to provide a unique insight into four of the Virtual Summit’s Plenary Sessions, along with their hot tip on what other sessions to look out for. The punchy ‘mini-podcast’ series delivers short, sharp previews of the key growth and learning opportunities available in the Plenary Program.

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"What makes me proud to be an actuary? I have always felt it was a profession with high integrity, pursuing areas that ultimately would be for the greater good. After all these years I still have that view and combined with mathematics, it’s a killer combination."
Jan Swinhoe
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