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Under the Spotlight – Andrew Rear

Andrew Rear, Chief Executive at Digital Partners (a Munich Re company) and plenary speaker at the upcoming Summit, describes himself as someone who likes change. Read about all the changes in Andrew's personal and professional life that have brought him to where he is today.


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Mental Spinach for your career

Actuary and Rhodes Scholar Ian Pollard, together with his daughter Jess Pollard, a career coach, authored the pocket-book Mental Spinach. This brief look at the book's four 'Lenses' outlines important questions to reflect on to design your life and build an engaging and fulfilling career. *Includes four podcasts!*

Education Update

The new Education Program explained

The Actuaries Institute is now in the implementation phase of changes to it's Education Program. Education Strategy Project Manager Jenny Lyon outlines the reasons for the changes and progress to date, and reminds Members to be in touch with feedback and questions.

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""Perhaps we as actuaries need to play a bigger role, not just in educating trustees, but in finding ways to promote financial awareness and literacy in schools"."
Melissa Yeoh
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