Accidental hero: Part 1

Entrepreneur, pioneer, academic and more – Greg Taylor has lived many lives in 58 years as an actuary and picked up a towering reputation along the way. Elizabeth Finch spoke with the quietly achieving Taylor Fry co-founder, who rose to the top on an unflinching desire to do the right thing.


My top 10 R packages for data analytics

A few months ago, Zeming Yu wrote My top 10 Python packages for data science. Like him, my preferred way of doing data analysis has shifted away from proprietary tools to these amazing freely available packages. However, I extend beyond data science and into traditional actuarial applications as well.

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"In the last 50 years, women have massively changed their work patterns in Australia, by moving into the workforce in large numbers. But, by and large, men have not changed their work patterns to share the load at home more. Why is that?"
Jennifer Lang
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