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Effective communication – vital building blocks for actuarial advancement

Actuaries are renowned for their world-leading mathematical and analytical expertise. However, as actuaries professionally develop, they often find themselves working in senior roles which require high-end communication skills. In the first Young Actuaries Program (YAP) Victoria event of the year, Michael Callan, Head of Education Development and Delivery at the Actuaries Institute, presented a seminar on essential business communication tools to help young actuaries enhance their communication skillset.


The importance of effective measurement, communication and understanding of risk of natural disasters

In the media and the general community, it has become common practice to classify natural disasters as a ‘one-in-X-year’ event. This phrase can be misleading if interpreted literally, possibly leading people to think that their risk actually reduced because they have 100 years to wait before the next ‘one-in-100-year’ event. This article aims to clear up the murky waters.

In memoriam Dr Stewart Lyon FIA

In memory of my late father-in-law and respected actuary Dr Stewart Lyon, Trevor Matthews and I reflect on Stewart’s life and career, characterised by kindness and brave leadership, his dedication to the actuarial profession, his renown in numismatic circles and his keen interest in music and amateur radio.

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2021 Virtual Summit to cater for all

Following on from the record-breaking 2020 All-Actuaries Virtual Summit, Jennifer Lang (2021 Virtual Summit Organising Committee Convenor) and Naomi Edwards (Actuaries Institute Vice President) discuss the ins and outs of the 2021 Summit in the latest Actuaries Institute Podcast. Jennifer and Naomi dissect the exciting plenary and concurrent program on offer, the high-profile guest speakers locked in to present, and the great registrations options which are simply too good to pass up.

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"Actuaries need to be resourceful to collect meaningful data, both qualitative and quantitative, from a wide range of sources to make informed reserving decisions."
Samantha Chew
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