COVID-19 Monday Roundup 29 June 2020

Global cases reached 10 million today, and global deaths 500,000, so it’s little surprise that the IMF’s global economic outlook deteriorated. Australia was one of few countries to improve in the IMF forecasts, despite record falls in job vacancies and predicted retail spend. A testing blitz is underway in Victoria’s outbreak hotspots, while research suggests bald men should be particularly vigilant to avoid COVID-19.

Risk, Uncertainty and Opportunity Learning from the COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 brings a 'new normal' with lots of new issues and more volatility to come in future – societal concerns on the wealth gap, global warming, geo-political uncertainty, digitalisation and changes in how we work.  If our most important work is figuring out and addressing problems, then the challenge amidst risk, uncertainty and opportunity is to figure out the question, 'How can we become a problem-solving company?'

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"The most valuable skill an actuary can possess is… Good communication skills. I’ve learnt that it is easy to explain actuarial workings and concepts to actuarial colleagues, but the best actuaries are the ones that can concisely explain those steps in simple layman terms to non-actuarial colleagues."
Sheena Soh
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