Australia catches a third wave

Australia has periodically been mentioned in the world press as having done well in responding to COVID-19. Jennifer Lang and Karen Cutter explore the background behind the response to date, reasons for the success, until recently, in limiting the spread of the virus, and current challenges which have seen a marked deterioration in the situation, in a blog on the COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group.

Helpful tips for being a healthier actuary

As actuaries, we know the impact good physical and mental health can have on morbidity and mortality rates. But how much attention do we give to our own body and mind health? Sometimes it is just little changes we can make that can lead to big impacts on how we feel and function.

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SIPC Super Series: Optimising member outcomes

Actuary and UniSuper Strategy Lead Vivian Dang joins the new ‘SIPC Super Series’ Podcast, the first in a new series by the Actuaries Institute’s Superannuation and Investments Practice Committee, which will shine a light on all aspects of the superannuation industry.


Celebrating International Actuaries Day

In celebration of International Actuaries Day, the International Actuarial Association have released a series of punchy interviews to showcase the influential work of actuaries from all over the world. These include features with Actuaries Institute Members David Knox, Clarissa Dharma, Andrew Boal, and Emma Vitz. Check out the interviews!

Contributor Spotlight
"Ongoing uncertainty in the world – from the health of our planet, people and economies to the security and privacy of our data – touches every aspect of our lives. This includes the world of general insurance, as it navigates its responsibility to protect against evolving risks. For actuaries, staying abreast of the evolving issues will be critical in our role as independent trusted advisers in this fast-changing environment."
Win-Li Toh
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