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APRA takes action on climate change

It’s been three months since the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) released their Information Paper - Climate Change: Awareness to action. We’ve checked in with Geoff Summerhayes from APRA to chat about the findings and actions from the Paper.


Mental Spinach for your career

Actuary and Rhodes Scholar Ian Pollard, together with his daughter Jess Pollard, a career coach, authored the pocket-book Mental Spinach. This brief look at the book's four 'Lenses' outlines important questions to reflect on to design your life and build an engaging and fulfilling career. *Includes four podcasts!*

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"“In five years, we see our product being at the core of digital and data teams, using various ‘best in breed’ technologies to solve transformation and modernisation challenges.”"
Daniel Sandaver
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