Embracing Risk and Opportunity

The Actuaries Institute teamed up with the Society of Actuaries to deliver the first Risk Management Seminar in Asia. The first trial of the combined forces achieved a ‘synergistic’ result!

Under the Spotlight - Jefferson Gibbs (Councillor)

Councillor and Partner at KPMG, Jefferson Gibbs goes Under the Spotlight to share his most rewarding moments as an actuary and the breadth of his career over the last 27 years.

Actuaries’ perspective of UBI apropos Australia

Charlie Pollack deconstructs Universal Basic Income (UBI) in Australia and what kind of implications it may have for the population and governments.

Analytics Snippet: Natural Language Processing Text Classification

In this instalment of the Analytics Snippet series, Jonathan Tan looks at one of the topics within Natural Language Processing: Text Classification and how to utilise this dataset.

Mental Health Matters at the 2018 General Insurance Seminar

Mental Health was a strong theme at the recent General Insurance Seminar (GIS). Key presentations showed the impact of technology - good and bad - on our mental health, and how the insurance industry can do more, with the available data and evidence, to remove barriers to mental health cover and care.

2018 General Insurance Seminar Event Report – Day One

More than 230 delegates gathered at the Sofitel in Sydney this week for the 2018 General Insurance Seminar. The event set out to inspire attendees to "Transform the Future" of the industry with Day One sessions including Consumer Trust, Mental Health, Data Led-Innovations in the Insurance Value Chain, and the launch of the Australian Actuaries Climate Index.

Is a national insurance scheme to tackle the longevity problem the answer? - Opinion

David Rush examines Paul Keating's recent suggestion of a national insurance scheme to tackle the longevity problem, and puts forward a different solution - allowing for more aggressive investment, a regular premium, with-profits, and pure endowment.

I am an Actuary - November 2018

The study and career of an actuarial student can twist and turn in many different directions and bring endless opportunities to work abroad and in versatile industries. Discover where the profession has already taken six recently qualified actuaries.

Survey reveals surprising social networking preferences of actuaries

Recently, the Social Networking Actuaries Group (SNAG) asked members about their preferences for social meet ups. Bill Konstantinidis highlights survey findings and the committee's goals. 

General Insurance and Trust – is there a role for Actuaries?

The issue of consumer trust has attracted significant attention in the financial services industry in the last year or two. Here, Estelle Pearson offers her view on why this evolved to be the case and gives a glimpse into how the role of actuaries may potentially need to adapt to help foster trust again in the general insurance industry.

What makes a good data scientist? - Actuaries Podcast

Effective data scientists need to understand the workings of IT teams and identify the limits of truth in models, says Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Ambiata, Tiberio Caetano, ahead of his Keynote Address at the 2018 General Insurance Seminar.

Whose risks are we really managing in superannuation?

Are funds managing the risks members face to their retirement outcomes or are funds instead managing their own business risks?

Actuaries Digital download and print edition - October 2018

Welcome to our round-up of the articles posted on Actuaries Digital during October 2018.

Climate Change Blog - October 2018

Welcome to the fourth instalment of the Climate Change Blog, an article series that aims to cover news and events related to climate change and relevant to actuaries and the industries they advise.

Geospatial Analysis and Data Science - Actuaries Podcast

Head of Actuarial and Analytics at World Nomads and Weapons of Mass Deduction judge Jacky Poon interviews Andrew Xu, Analyst at Finity Consulting, on his entry into the WOMD competition, focusing on Geospatial analysis and a career in data analytics.

The Future of Life Insurance

The world is constantly evolving and changing, and that includes the insurance industry. What are these trends, what does this mean for insurers and actuaries alike, and what do we need to be aware of when relying on “robots”?


Designing Life Insurance Products for Increasing Consumer Expectations

Melissa Yeoh reports on the recent “Designing Life Insurance Products for Increasing Consumer Expectations” Insights session which discussed current issues and implications for Life Insurance product design, including the legal perspective and considered how the industry could restore the imbalance between consumer and insurer.

The Role of Actuaries in Claims Management - Actuaries Podcast

Angat Sandhu and Katherine Gobbi discuss the role of actuaries in claims management, future opportunities and key trends in the area including enabling technologies and better understanding the customer.

The Critical Line – Volume 25

Oliver Chambers delivers this months puzzle challenge - A Rational Sequence.

The view from a start-up perspective: Is competition broken? How can it be fixed?

Insurtech, fintech and disruptor are the new buzz words. Ask John Connor a few years ago what these words meant and he would have pictured a mix of bohemian tech-savvy hipsters in a trendy office, a place not for the traditional actuary. He was wrong, there are many actuaries working in fintech and insurtech start-ups.