Children of the revolution

Amid the chaos and fear of our information-saturated world, with its ever-expanding data sets that access many aspects of our lives, is the ability to harness the predictive power of that data for social good. Peter Mulquiney explains how actuaries are leading the way and why young people are key.

Advancing sustainable solutions at the upcoming FOHS

Ahead of the upcoming Future of Health Seminar, we spoke to keynote speaker, the Honourable John Hill. John, who is a former South Australian Minister for Health and current Chair of Private Healthcare Australia, will take a practical look at what the next steps or missing pieces are to create a sustainable future of health in Australia.

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‘Golden moment’ for change in mental health

Margo Lydon believes this is a golden moment for change in treatment of mental health conditions in Australia. Politicians have put it firmly on the agenda and Margo is calling actuaries to consider helpful data outside the medical model, to create better pricing, products and approaches to insurance in the space.

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"Australia has one of the best health systems in the world. We can always improve but if you were extremely unwell, Australia is a good country to find yourself in. "
The Hon John Hill
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