The Social Networking Actuaries Group (SNAG) Committee helps the Institute’s 4,000 members expand their social and professional networks. Here’s a taste of what the group’s been up to, plus its 2018 Calendar of Events!

The SNAG Committee was formed after a small group of individuals, passionate about networking, responded to a rallying cry to help the Institute’s 4,000+ members expand their social and professional networks. Here’s some background to the group and its 2018 Calendar of Events!

Since its’ formation in September 2017, with the support of Lily Meszaros (Committee and Volunteer Engagement Manager) and leadership from Bill Konstantinidis (Council Member), SNAG is gaining traction quickly with its objective to connect Institute members.

Early on, the SNAG Committee chose to leverage Meetup, a digital platform for organising events. The chart below shows the significant growth in membership of the SNAG, to around 170 members currently.

SNAG has held five events (three coffee meetups and two drinks events) in the last six months with over 100 actuaries in total getting involved in the events.

As the SNAG committee developed and learned from members attending events, we realised that sometimes it wasn’t clear what we are about. Early in 2018, the SNAG Committee held a planning session and brainstormed events we want to hold in the coming year and started building a more well-defined strategy for the group.

It’s going to be an exciting year ahead. We plan to give Institute members more opportunities to network with coffee and after work drink events. We also plan to organise a greater variety of events with a plan to hold events that are more active (lunch time sports, runs etc), educational, and featuring high profile actuaries and networking experts.

The SNAG committee is looking for members!

As we progress on this unique journey, we understand that we can’t do this without the generosity of Institute volunteer members.  As the chart above shows, we could do better with engaging SNAG members and we will need a lot of help with organising the events we have in mind.

We are calling for Institute members who are passionate about helping others, to become part of the SNAG Committee.

We are team of networkers that are striving to build a platform that enable actuaries to expand their social and professional network. Be part of something meaningful, help shape the strategy of the group, meet new people and develop some unique skills outside of your technical repertoire. As part of the SNAG Committee, you will build valuable experience in:

  • Networking for growth
  • Leadership
  • Event organisation and hosting
  • Leveraging latest social media platforms and productivity tools (Meetup, LinkedIn, Trello, Slack etc)
  • Content marketing and Writing – with opportunities to get published in Actuaries.Digital
  • Marketing to membership bases

The SNAG is a fun and easy-going bunch who are passionate about helping members connect. The group runs in a relaxed environment with the full backing of the Institute and its leadership so we can make decisions and act quickly.

If you are interested in joining the SNAG Committee, please contact Lily Meszaros who will direct you to someone on the committee for a chat or to attend one of our committee gatherings as a guest to learn about what we do before you decide to join us.

SNAG Calendar of Events 2018

Mark your calendars for these exciting events for the year ahead. Please join the SNAG Meetup group to stay up to date.

April Coffee @ Gateway

Wednesday, 18 April 2018
7:30 am to 9:00 am
Alfred Street, Circular Quay, Sydney

It is time for another coffee catch up. Need a coffee on the way to work? Why not come and join us for a cuppa and meet some new people! Come to Gateway Centre anytime between 7:30am and 9am on the 18th of April. More details on the exact location of where the group will be on the morning itself..

Register for the event on Meetup




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