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Analytics Snippet - Get data from the meetup API (part 1 of a 3-part series)

To help you start your analytics journey, Zeming Yu shows you how to collect data from an API; do simple market basket analysis using Python; and perform web scraping. This first part of the three part series will go through getting data from the 'meetup' API.

Actuarial skillset takes top spots in IAPA Top 25 Analytics Leaders list

Two Fellows of the Actuaries Institute and a Chief Data Scientist trained in actuarial science have featured in the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia's (IAPA) inaugural Top 25 Analytics Leaders program.

Analytics Snippet: In the Library

Welcome to the Analytics Snippet column, where we showcase short code snippets in R, Python, or other programming languages, to demo the power of data analytics. In this first instalment, Jacky Poon dives into checkouts of book titles from a Brisbane Library.

CareerView Podcast - Managing a Data Analytics Team

Hugh Miller (Principal at Taylor Fry) asks Aaron Cutter (Principal at Finity) how he deals with the new technologies and skills required to manage analytics teams delivering for a diverse range of clients.

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