Analytics Snippet

Analytics Snippet

Faster, Higher, Stronger – the models, medals and medallists of the Olympics

After a tense 16 days of non-stop sports broadcasts, we have finally reached the most exciting part of the Olympics - analysing the results! Join us in crunching the numbers as we ask..."How well did we predict the medal tallies?", "What’s really the best way to measure the medal tally winner?", "How much faster, stronger and higher have we gotten?", and "Who do we think will be at Brisbane 2032?". Find out all this and more in our Olympic results wrap up!


The Olympics by numbers – for people who love data and sports (but mainly data)

Has the non-stop Olympics coverage left you asking yourself...“Which Olympic sport do I have the body for?”, “What will Olympians look like in 2050?”, “How many sports are in the Pentathlon?”, and “Could I predict the Tokyo Olympics medal tally results using only CO2 emissions, foreign aid contributions and tractors?” - Well look no further - all these questions and more are answered within!