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A fair go – a Twitter analysis of the 2022 Australian Federal Election

With the countdown to the 2022 Federal Election reaching its climax today, the Young Data Analytics Working Group (YDAWG) has once again traversed into the ‘Twittersphere’ to take in what the candidates, parties and the public have been saying, and have applied a machine learning algorithm to mimic the candidates’ tweets. Check out the YDAWG's analysis.

‘YDAWG Analytica’ go to the movies

We at the Young Data Analytics Working Group (YDAWG) are used to looking at the world through a different, data-focused lens. So, despite the millions of different articles, opinions, and hot takes from this week’s Oscars, we have managed to put together a unique and interesting way to look at some of the greatest movies from recent history. So, pop your favourite popcorn, import your favourite data packages, and prepare yourselves for another ‘YDAWG Analytica’ article!