Advance maths study really is in decline in NSW

Jennifer Lang takes a dive into HSC stats and the numbers of students studying maths and sciences. What she finds is "a bit scary" for anyone looking for a future mathematically inclined workforce.


Odds are there to be broken

The odds of Leicester City winning the English Premier League this year were less likely than Donald Trump winning the Nobel Peace Prize, writes Actuary at Deloitte, Marc Mer.

In the Wrong Job? What Can You Do?

There are many reasons you might feel stuck in the wrong job. Here, Dr Anthony Lowe discusses the importance of creating 'non-linear' options for your career early on and maximising your skills and experience towards more rewarding work.


Are you comfortable with your risk management framework?

Mike Thornton challenges businesses to consider what their risk management framework is trying to achieve, and how it could be missing the mark.

Creating inclusive insurance for all

Without doubt, it is the poorest people in the world who are most in need of the security that insurance brings. Queenie Chow discusses why the micro-insurance market has low penetration, and why actuaries are so well placed to assist.


Thinking strategically about technical processes: Part 2 - How much can you really save?

In the second instalment of this series, Phil Stott shares his opinion on the benefits of thinking strategically about core technical processes.


Innovation in the Australian Managed Funds Industry

Eric McNamara looks at the innovative EFG product launched by actuaries in the 1960s and at the evolution of the managed funds industry in Australia.


Looking for love?

Sick of being single? Want 2016 to be the year you find love? Then head to your nearest pub, club, games convention or actuarial conference and try out these 10 pickup lines.


Top tips to keep your career moving

Actuaries Digital Editor Kirsten Flynn asks five experienced actuaries for their top tips, to help keep your career moving.


Is mortality improving? Who for?

Actuary Jennifer Lang investigates the latest mortality rate knowledge in Australia in light of recent coverage in the United States.

Show me the money - Remuneration risk

Actuary Brett Riley runs us through the possibility that pay and incentive structures contribute to inappropriate risk taking.

Can health care work in a free market?

Clare Li explores the definition and condition of a ‘perfect free market’ in traditional economics, before assessing the feasibility of those conditions in the health care market.

Can an actuary be found to be a shadow director of a corporation?

Did you know that even if you are not a director of a corporation, you could be found to be a shadow director liable for breaches of director’s duties and significant penalties under the Corporations Act? Tim Castle reports.


How could social media and web technology change the insurance landscape?

How could social media and web-based technology change the insurance landscape? Christy Zhou reflects on the topic of her 2015 Aon Benfield Scholarship submission.


Volcanic eruptions and disruptions

In recent years, volcanic eruptions have severely disrupted air travel, causing widespread havoc on economies, and losses for insurers. Emma Phillips of Risk Frontiers explores the direct and indirect impacts of volcanoes.


Are correlations real or imagined?

Actuaries Benjamin Avanzi, Greg Taylor and Bernard Wong challenge preconceptions regarding the high level of dependence between general insurance claims from different classes.

The sweetest taboo

Sugar is everywhere. But, as actuaries, do we really understand the impact it has on our health, and how we can better allow for sugar intake in underwriting? Jean Eu investigates.

Catastrophe modelling in a post Katrina world

The reinsurance industry used catastrophe risk models long before Hurricane Katrina, but Katrina challenged the standards of these models. ANZIIF's Edward Vukovic reports.


The six principles of influence and how to make them work for you

Understanding the psychological principles behind the influencing process can help us better apply tactics to influence others, while also seeing through those trying to influence us.


NBA article slam-dunks 'most read’ list

What do Uber, Alan Joyce and Algo-advisors have in common? They all feature in the Top 10 most popular articles on Actuaries Digital since its launch.

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