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The Critical Line - Volume 18

Jevon Fulbrook introduces Annie the Actuary and her puzzle filled journey over the holiday. Can you help solve the puzzle that leads Annie home? 

The Critical Line - Volume 17, Christmas Edition

Dan Mayoh delivers this random-walk inspired puzzle, just in time for Christmas. Get your answer in for a chance to win a $50 Dymocks voucher!

The Critical Line – Volume 16

Our resident columnist Oliver Chambers delivers a perfect power puzzle for Volume 16 of The Critical Line.

The Critical Line - Volume 15

Can you find your way squarely around this month's puzzle? Jevon Fulbrook challenges you to spell out the enigma for a chance to win a $50 Dymocks voucher.

Critical Line Volume 14

Dan Mayoh brings you the 14th instalment of the popular Critical Line Puzzle Challenge with a nod to a Royal Flush Jackpot.

The Critical Line - Volume 13

Oliver Chambers brings us this month's Critical Line challenge: how to escape from the jungle.

The Critical Line - Volume 12

Jevon Fullbrook brings us this month's Critical Line challenge, with a puzzling Easter-egg hunt!

The Critical Line - Volume 11

This edition of The Critical Line is all about magic squares. Take on this challenge, brought to you by Dan Mayoh, for your chance to win a $50 Dymocks voucher!

Critical Line – Volume 10

Welcome back to another year of puzzles and ponderings! In this month’s installment: the Kakeya Needle Problem and Numbered Cones.

The Critical Line: Volume 8

December is upon us, and with that Dan Mayoh has brought us an instalment of the Critical Line that has nothing in particular to do with Christmas. Christmas is for friends and family, but puzzles are for everyone year-round!

Critical Line – Volume 7

In this month's column of The Critical Line: intelligent sorting, generalised rock paper scissors, and efficiency!

The Critical Line: Volume 6

In the spirit of the recent Rio Olympics, we have an Olympic-themed puzzle for you.

The Critical Line: Volume 5

Welcome to the next instalment of the Critical Line! Continuing with the games theme of his previous blackjack related puzzle, Dan Mayoh turns our attention this time to the game of Mastermind.

The Critical Line: Volume 4

In this month’s mathematical musing: the man who knew infinity, interesting integers, nested radicals, and peculiar processes.

Magic Teller Machine Solution

Oliver Chambers outlines the solutions to his Magic Teller puzzle and announces the winner of the first instalment of The Critical Line series.

The Critical Line – Volume 2

In this second instalment of The Critical Line, puzzle champion Dan Mayoh challenges readers to consider the Collatz Conjecture and solve a Blackjack conundrum.

The Critical Line - Volume 1: Hello, World!

Welcome to the first instalment of The Critical Line; the new monthly column dedicated to mathematical musings, transcendental ramblings, statistically independent thought, and most importantly... a plethora of new puzzles.

In the Margin: December 2015 - Goodbye and Good Luck

Editor Genevieve Hayes bids us 'so long and thanks for all the fish'. Thanks Genevieve for puzzling us all these years and keeping us entertained.

In the Margin: December 2015 - Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Editor Genevieve Hayes leaves us to figure out her favourite quote of all time in her penultimate puzzle.

In the Margin: November 2015 - Who are you?

Editor Genevieve Hayes puzzles us with a crossword of pseudonyms.

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