The Critical Line – Volume 25

Oliver Chambers delivers this months puzzle challenge – A Rational Sequence.

A sequence $$\{\alpha_0, \alpha_1, \alpha_2 \dots\}$$ is defined such that $$\alpha_{n+1} = \alpha_n + \frac{1}{\lfloor \alpha_n \rfloor}$$, for all $$n \ge 1$$, where $$\lfloor x \rfloor$$ denotes the greatest integer less than or equal to $$x$$.

a) If $$\alpha_0 = \frac{43}{11}$$, what is the smallest $$k$$ such that $$\alpha_k$$ is an integer? (computers allowed)

b) Show that if $$\alpha_0$$ is rational and $$\alpha_0 > 1$$ then the sequence must contain an integer.


Volume 24 Solution

The winner for this edition is Neil Jain, well done Neil! The solution is below:

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