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Actuaries Podcast - Young Actuaries Conference 2018

Business Adviser at High Earth Orbit Robotics Solai Valliappan previews her talk at the upcoming Young Actuaries Conference (YAC) including the importance of a 'strong network' and her work consulting 'the Google Maps of asteroid resources in space'. 

Welcome to New Members - May 2018

Welcome to the Institute’s newest members both in Australia and overseas. Here they are listed.

Under the spotlight: Sharanjit Paddam

Sharanjit Paddam describes himself as an actuary who loves making a difference. Principal at Deloitte Actuaries & Consultants, Sharanjit goes under the spotlight to share some of his most personal thoughts.

Finity and the National Fair Internship Pledge - The link between interns and diversity

The National Fair Internship Pledge is a promise to provide equal opportunities for young talent, regardless of their situation. Finity has become the first actuarial firm to take the pledge, joining employers in government, tech, education and the not-for-profit sector

Brexit, politics and your perspective - President’s Column

In this month's column, President Lindsay Smartt shares his thoughts about the current political sphere, Brexit and his recent international visits within the actuarial community.

The Future of Financial Services – FSF 2016 Wrap Up

FSF2016 examined how disruptors will impact the financial services industry. It asked, how can actuaries reimagine their career in the future world? Where are the opportunities?


Netflix announces new series “The Game of Probabilities”.

Netflix has today announced a new original series, The Game of Probabilities, following the real lives of six actuaries.

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