Business Adviser at High Earth Orbit Robotics Solai Valliappan previews her talk at the upcoming Young Actuaries Conference (YAC) including the importance of a ‘strong network’ and her work consulting on ‘the Google Maps of asteroid resources in space’. 

Angela Poon (Actuarial Consultant at Finity Consulting and YAC 2018 Organising Committee member) asks Solai Valliappan (Business Adviser at High Earth Orbit Robotics) about her advisory work to multiple startup businesses in areas of risk management, strategy, data analytics and finance.

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“often at the early stage of a company, they need someone multi-disciplined and not so siloed” – Solai Valliappan.

Angela asks a range of questions including:

  • How do you get to be an advisor in areas of finance, data analytics, strategy and risk management all in one time?
  • How has a strong network helped you in your career?
  • Do you have any tips or advice for people who are trying to explore or venture into an emerging field?
  • How did you find your passion with working in the space area?
  • What  can attendees expect to get out of the upcoming Young Actuaries Conference?
“I really liked the idea of the (Young Actuaries) conference and if it was offered when I was at a similar age, then I’d definitely be interested in attending to hear the different ideas that they have offered” – Solai Valliappan

Listen in to find out more on Solai’s unique career journey and why the Young Actuaries Conference 2018 will be an exciting event!

Solai is speaking at the 2018 Young Actuaries Conference live in the Institute’s Sydney office with webinar also available.
Early bird pricing closes Friday May 18 at 5:30pm.
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