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In this episode, CareerView discusses common questions around moving roles: when and what to tell your manager and colleagues, and the risks associated with ‘confidential’ or informal conversations about your plans to move roles.

Danielle Di Sano, a young actuary working at Suncorp Bank, interviews Jenny Lyon, Director of actuarial recruitment firm SKL, to uncover some practical insights.

Often the nuances with starting a new role can be addressed through communication and positive relationships with pending or potential new employers, says Jenny. This can allow you to negotiate notice period needs, and timing of reference checks, especially around important projects you might be working on.

This can ensure you are more effectively weighing up your options and not missing out on rare opportunities (eg. offer for ‘Appointed Actuary’ role) out of respect for your current employer, in other words: how to put yourself and your career first.

Typical career progression of an actuary often involves a role change once you’ve finished studying and qualify, as Jenny explains, “it can hard to change people’s perception of you" as a student and not a Fellow for example.

The pair also discuss learning opportunities within different roles within your current company.

“This is ideal” say Jenny, as the actuarial market is small and “you can’t move too many times” within the one practice area.

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About the authors

Danielle Di Sano

Danielle Di Sano works at Suncorp Bank leading their Non Retail Credit Risk Modelling Team, which develops internal credit risk models for SME, Corporate, Bank and Sovereign exposures. She has over seven years of experience working in the financial services industry in credit risk, capital modelling, validation and risk management. Danielle is enthusiastic about developing best practice risk models and in particular identifying ways that modelling and analytics can be used to drive insights relating to risk, return, capital and strategy. Danielle studied Actuarial Studies and Law at Macquarie University, graduating with first class honours and has AIAA and CERA postgraduate qualifications.

Jenny Lyon

Jenny was the 2017 President of the Actuaries Institute. She is a Director of SKL, a specialist actuarial recruitment firm. She has over 20 years’ experience advising and recruiting actuaries in Australia, New Zealand and across Asia.

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