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President’s Report to Members: June 2018 Council Meeting

Barry Rafe presents his report to members from the Actuaries Institute Council meeting held on 13 June 2018, including key issues discussed and decisions made.

Presidential Dialogue: March 2018 Council Report

John Evans presents his report to members from the Actuaries Institute Council meeting held on 5 March 2018, including key issues discussed and decisions made.

Presidential Dialogue: Part III and CPD Education Reform

In this opinion piece, 2018 President John Evans discusses the need for reform in how the Actuaries Institute provides Part III education to students and lifelong learning to members through CPD.

Presidents Column – Sharing experiences at the Presidential Dinners

Jenny Lyon reflects on the recent Presidential Dinners held around Australia and draws some lessons from how actuaries outside the main financial centres in Australia are working flexibly, across a diverse range of fields.


President's Column

Actuaries Institute 2017 President Jenny Lyon outlines her career journey and passion for people in the profession as well as key priority areas for her year as President.

President’s Column - Diversity

In his Presidential Column, Lindsay Smartt focuses on diversity and asks whether we are doing enough in this important area.


Appointed or C-Suite?

Institute President Lindsay Smartt shares some thoughts on the current review of the Appointed Actuary role.

Brexit, politics and your perspective - President’s Column

In this month's column, President Lindsay Smartt shares his thoughts about the current political sphere, Brexit and his recent international visits within the actuarial community.

Sustainability and Coincidence

President Lindsay Smartt pens his second column, reflecting on society and the actuarial profession in the context of change, opportunity and development.

My Presidential Message

Watch Lindsay Smartt, Actuaries Institute President for 2016 deliver his Presidential Message.


What have the Romans ever done for us?* - *Reg, leader of the People’s Front of Judea in Monty Python’s Life of Brian

In Estelle Pearson's final President's Column, she breaks down who makes up Institute HQ and what they do to benefit the membership.


“Clever and successful people don’t wait; the long term starts today…”

President Estelle Pearson reflects on the Institute making meaningful comment in public policy.

Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons and Spouting Merlions

In this month's President's Column, Estelle Pearson reflects on her recent time in Asia for the CPD Roadshow, developments in the continent and reminds you to have a say on the Appointed Actuary Discussion Forum.


Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves…

What do the Institute’s own statistics on gender diversity say? President Estelle Pearson looks behind the numbers to encourage greater female representation in the profession.


It’s official – being an actuary is the best job!

President Estelle Pearson reflects on extending the reach of actuaries within data analytics, gender diversity in higher level mathematics and Institute financials.


President's Column

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