‘Golden moment’ for change in mental health

Margo Lydon believes this is a golden moment for change in treatment of mental health conditions in Australia. Politicians have put it firmly on the agenda and Margo is calling actuaries to consider helpful data outside the medical model, to create better pricing, products and approaches to insurance in the space.


Designing an Improved and Integrated Retirement System for all Australians

Who says actuaries aren’t brave? They would surely be wrong given the bold discussion that three eminent actuaries are leading through the Institute’s latest Green Paper, Options for an Improved and Integrated Retirement System. Read key points from the Institute paper by Anthony Asher, David Knox and Michael Rice, and listen to the authors' views in podcast conversations.

Towards a smarter default Account-Based Pension

When will we see smarter Account-Based Pensions? This article suggests that ABP providers could offer some drawdown guidance other than the statutory minimum through a slightly tweaked 'default' withdrawal rate, using a more complex approach with the objective of producing an even better member outcome.