That’s Super: Big industry, big career opportunities

There is certainly no set pathway when it comes to forging a career as an actuary, just ask Meray El-Khoury. Meray (Chief Insurance Officer, MetLife Australia) joins Christine Li (Secretary, Actuaries Institute’s Superannuation and Investments Practice Committee) on the ‘That’s Super’ Podcast to discuss her unique career journey across traditional and non-traditional fields, the importance of building your personal brand, and being brave enough to take a plunge.

Good Practice Principles: Superannuation and retirement models

Every Australian deserves a confident answer to basic questions like “How much do I need to retire?”, “How much can I spend in retirement with a high level of confidence?” and “How much Age Pension can I expect to receive?”. They also need to know how this will change if they contribute more or less to superannuation. However, the mathematics and assumptions to answer these basic questions with high confidence are surprisingly complex and deeply ‘actuarial’.