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Transactions Actuary at Swiss Re, Eric Tsui, discusses his thinking around taking paternity leave, and the support he received from his employer to do so.

This instalment of the Institute’s Diversity and Inclusion podcast series discusses the topic of parental leave with an interview between Ashish Ahluwalia (Principal at Finity Consulting) and Eric Tsui.

The pair discuss how employers who are:

  1. committed to diversity and inclusion in its broadest sense; and
  2. allow their employees to achieve a real balance between work and family

are able to increase their employee retention.

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In the podcast, Eric describes the difference between being in the workplace and being on parental leave.

“When you are on parental leave your mind is kind of idle, but it’s a very physical kind of job, wrangling a baby or just pushing the pram for kilometres on end.” - Eric Tsui

Children grow up so quickly and as Eric says “every moment, every time they do something it could be the last time that they do it because they move into a different phase”. 

The main benefit to Eric has been “developing a closer bond with my son”. Luckily, both his and his wife’s employers enabled this family to be there for those important moments.

You can download the Transcript to this episode and listen to our first and second instalments in the Diversity and Inclusion podcast series.

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About the authors

Lesley Traverso

With over 20 years of experience recruiting Actuaries around the globe, Lesley brings a broad and diverse approach to Actuaries Digital. Lesley has been part of the organising committee for the Actuaries Summit for the past 12 years and is known for her creative ideas and an off-beat sense of humour. Not one for always relaxing quietly, Lesley enjoys the freedom of flying airplanes via her Private Pilot’s license, often upside down!

Ashish Ahluwalia

Ashish is a Principal at Finity and is a leader of Finity’s data analytics practice. He has many years of hands-on experience using advanced analytics techniques to deliver commercial strategies and outcomes for his clients. Ashish is passionate about finding new ways to apply the tools of the actuarial and data science trade, and has a particular interest in building and working with diverse teams in order to develop new and novel decision support tools.

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