Did you know the titanic sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean? Did you also know that Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta? These were some of the hot questions that were asked at the SKL Sponsored 2018 Sydney Yap Trivia Night.

The participants had the opportunity to network upon arrival and select their teammates for the night. With close to 70 people in attendance, all teams went head to head playing for the top prize of $250. There were also second and third place cash prizes to be won!

The question rounds were filled with a variety of topics where most participants would have some level of familiarity with. To name a few, these topics ranged from geography and anatomy to pop culture and history. A question that caused a bit of a stir in the crowd was: who was offered presidency of Israel in the year 1952? You would know this person!

To balance the mix of skills in the crowd, there were also three rounds of challenges the participants were expected to face. The first being a minute-to-win-it style game where three members from each team using just a straw each had to transfer as many m&m candies from one plate to another.

The next, a guessing game where participants had to list down the ages of a given list of celebrities. Then finally, a paper airplane competition as an additional challenge to try and boost the momentum of the lower scoring teams.

Little did the teams know that it was not all over a yet. A final bonus question was thrown in for the gamblers out there where the teams could bet any number of points. Their fate all rode on a simple question: which cake is least preferred by the teams in the room, mudcake or cheese cake? Each team was to write what they think would be least preferred and the number of points they would like to bet. The cake with the fewest votes was the correct answer, and the teams either won or lost the points they had gambled.

At the conclusion of all the rounds and the bonus question the first prize winners were “Love Actuary” followed by “What flavour is the popcorn?” and “Table of Decrements”.

First place winners

YAP would like to thank SKL for their sponsorship and congratulate the winners. Thank you to everyone that attended and made it such a great night.

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