The arrival of the Social Networking Actuaries Group (SNAG) doubled the number of patrons at the Mail Exchange Hotel in Melbourne at the Group’s latest trivia night. Leonie Semmens reports on the rivalry and quizzing that ensued!

At the bottom end of Melbourne, down below street level sits the cosy bar area of the Mail Exchange Hotel. Quiet at 5:45pm on a Tuesday evening, the arrival of our SNAG group instantly doubles the number of patrons.

With a few quick introductions and a brief look at the menu, dinner and drinks were ordered, and we had ourselves organised around our two tables. 12 actuaries formed into three teams, with a cameo appearance by a highly experienced fellow, it was readily apparent we had two highly competitive teams, and one just in it for the fun!

The room had filled considerably as other teams joined the competition: some regulars, including the reigning champion, others first timers like the tourist group visiting from Europe. Quiz Master Lee had us all organised in record time, and the quizzing began.

With points awarded for the speed of your response, and points deducted for incorrect answers, debate over some questions was heated and intense. A level of secrecy also developed as the internal competition between our two competitive teams heated up. As the rounds passed, it became obvious our teams were evenly matched, and a number of lead changes occurred.

Heading in to the final round with a fresh set of drinks and some good natured heckling, the conversations quieted down to a murmur. A great mix of easy and difficult questions meant the final outcome was never locked in. Drawing out every last ounce of suspense, Lee slowly announced the final scores… and we ended the night with two teams in the top three, and $40 in bar vouchers.

A final round of drinks using our winnings, and an exciting and fun evening drew to a close, with the promise of more events to come.

What SNAG attendees said:

“The trivia night was a great opportunity to meet and mingle with some new faces in a relaxed (and slightly competitive!) environment. The regulars did a great job of welcoming new people into the mix, and I think everyone had a great night!” says Ash.
“Thanks for organising the event! It was great to meet new people (just a bonus that you’re also actuaries). Very keen for the next one!” says Donna.

What’s up next?

Networking Event
Pre EOFY Drinks: Join us for drinks at Whitehart Bar and enjoy the calm before the EOFY storm!

Events details:
Where: Whitehart Bar – 22 Whitehart Lane, MELBOURNE
When: Wednesday, 27 June 2018 at 5.30pm
RSVP: Click here to RSVP.

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