Introducing the Wider Health Sub-committee

Tim Goodhew introduces the Wider Health Sub-committee at the Actuaries Institute and its goal to raise awareness of the career pathway of Health Actuaries and the broader role actuaries can play in health reform and policy.

Health reform is notoriously controversial, with many vested interests and varied opinions as to what is the ‘right’ model of care and the ‘right’ way to finance it.

With the introduction of the electronic medical record (eMR) and infrastructure to support data linkage across the wealth of data held by the Commonwealth and each of the States and Territories the skillset of the modern day Health Actuary is coming into greater demand. More broadly, actuaries are also playing a strong role in systems that provide care and support outside of the hospital or 

surgery environment – for example through the strong emphasis on data that underpins the NDIS and increasing investment in analytics within the social services system.

Recognising the role that Actuaries currently play in Health beyond Private Health Insurance the Health Practice Committee of the Actuaries Institute has established a Wider Health sub-committee to focus on the broader contribution Actuaries can make to health reform and policy.

Our goal is to raise awareness of the career pathway of Health Actuaries and the broader role the Actuaries Institute can play in advising on health reform and government policy.

To showcase the diverse and complex nature of healthcare the wider health sub-committee intends to publish regular articles from Health Actuaries in the field.

Interested in Wider Health? Reach out to the sub-committee on how you can become more involved by contacting chair Tim Goodhew at

Look out for the Wider Health sub-committees first article – Coming Soon!

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