Cheers to our Volunteers

Institute Councillor Chao Qiao gives a rundown of current volunteering efforts of the membership and what happened at the Sydney Volunteers Cocktail Party.

The Institute is always extremely grateful for all of the efforts made by our volunteers. Volunteering builds a strong profession, whether it be through education, practice committees or special taskforces. Without members and volunteers that are engaged, we wouldn’t have the professional community we enjoy today.

This year, as we pursue a refreshed Strategic Plan to push the profession to greater heights, volunteers are now playing a more important role than ever. New and significant activities this year include the Data Analytics Working Group, a turbocharged Public Policy team and the Banking Seminar team who organised the Institute’s first Banking event – Banking on Change Seminar. This is on top of the education-oriented activities, practice committees and other functions that volunteers do day-in and day-out. It is also great to see many young actuaries volunteering their time in exam writing/marking, and increasingly on committees and taskforces, resulting in a more diverse representation of our membership.

As a thank you to its volunteers, the Institute hosted its annual volunteer drinks evening on 2 September 2015. Just under 100 volunteers joined President Estelle Pearson, CEO David Bell, Vice Presidents Lindsay Smartt and Jenny Lyon, and other members of Council and HQ.

The evening commenced with a round of champagne to celebrate our achievements this year. Milestones which include a successful Actuaries Summit and contributions members have made to public policy, such as the For Richer, For Poorer White Paper. President Estelle Pearson and CEO David Bell thanked all volunteers for their time and dedication to the actuarial profession this year. Volunteers then enjoyed the rest of the evening with some delicious canapés and more drinks. The Institute’s Events Team was as professional as always, making the night a wonderful experience for all present.

If you are not already volunteering then now would be the perfect time get involved; please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Institute. No matter your age, location, or membership status, there will be a volunteering opportunity right for you. Similarly, if you have exciting ideas about what we can do better or should do to make our profession or Strategic Plan even better, then please reach out to me or any of your Councillors; we would love to hear from you.

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