SKL is currently collecting salary information to complete its annual salary survey for 2015.

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The analysis of the 2014 survey showed little statistical evidence of a difference between the salaries of those working in life insurance and those in general insurance. Based on the high level of recruitment activity in the life insurance market relative to general insurance in 2015 we are interested to see whether this is also reflected in changes in remuneration.

The data collected includes base salary, superannuation contributions and expected bonus. Information is also collected by level and year of qualification – Fellow, Associate, Student, practice area, location and level of seniority.

The 2015 survey is open to anyone with an actuarial background and all participants receive a copy of the report which will be available in late September/early October.

“The more data we receive, the more representative the results will be. In 2014, SKL received more than 500 submissions. This year we are seeking more than 800 submissions.”

In 2014, SKL provided information on both “Base Salary plus Superannuation” and also “Total Package” assuming target bonus was achieved. As an example of the information provided in the report, the following charts illustrate guaranteed remuneration i.e. base salary plus superannuation at various periods of post qualification experience for Fellows of the Actuaries Institute (or equivalent). Information will be shown separately for Associates and Students.

In order to reduce the impact of outliers but to give a reasonable feel for the range of salaries at different levels of experience we showed the range from the 10th to the 90th percentile and also graphed the average and median for the full data range.





The survey is open until 31 August and we encourage you to participate. To contribute please click here. All data is kept highly confidential and used only for the purposes of the survey.

For a copy of last years’ report or if you have any questions about the use of data or the survey itself please contact us on

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