Under the Spotlight: Jia Yi Tan

Jia Yi Tan is the Senior Manager, Pricing Master Trust, and currently seconded to the product and account management area of Industry Funds at CommInsure. She has always dreamt of becoming an actuary since she was fifteen and is passionate about making a positive difference to organisations, the community, life insurance industry and the world!

DAT203x: Data Science and Machine Learning

How long has the concept of Data Science been around and what are the best tools available for mining 'big data'? A new MOOC coordinated by the Actuaries Institute's Data Analytics Working Group presented the latest knowledge in this exciting field. Course participant Kriti Khullar AIAA, reports.

Actuary Entrepreneur - Kevin Lin, FSF2016

Kevin Lin presented the paper 'Actuary Entrepreneur' at the 2016 Financial Services Forum. His experience in developing a child care business was used as a case study and this article highlights a couple of situations where actuarial techniques were key in making decisions.


Fiscal forecasting and climate change

The Climate Change Working Group (CCWG) was formed in January 2016 with the goal of supporting the Actuaries’ Institute Public Policy position on climate change. Our aim is to promote the application of actuarial skills, including quantification of risk, cost-benefit analysis, and long term financial forecasting, to climate change-related issues.

Actuaries as Entrepreneurs – Have you got what it takes?

Are you radical? Visionary? A risk-taker? Then the common perception is you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. But is there more in the make-up of an entrepreneur than just these characteristics, and can they be learnt or must you be born with them?

2016 Actuary of the Year - nominations open

Recognising and celebrating the achievements and contributions of one of our Members is an ideal opportunity to promote the value which actuaries can add.

How wonderful to see APRA publish their discussion paper ‘The role of the Appointed Actuary and actuarial advice within insurers’

Chief Editor Trang Duncanson shares her thoughts to generate discussion and strongly encourages us to contribute.

Under the spotlight: Sharanjit Paddam

Sharanjit Paddam describes himself as an actuary who loves making a difference. Principal at Deloitte Actuaries & Consultants, Sharanjit goes under the spotlight to share some of his most personal thoughts.


Book Review: Superforecasting

Today’s book review is Superforecasting: The art and science of Prediction, by Philip E Tetlock and Dan Gardner.

Insuring Cyber Risk – Concerns about Risk

A lack of reliable data on cyber risk should be a short-term problem as the market matures, write actuaries Susie Amos and Alina Pettifer in the final instalment of this Two Part series on insuring cyber risk.

Lending an Actuarial Hand

At last month's Melbourne YAP, Queenie Chow and Mandy Burns spoke about lending an actuarial hand through various volunteering programs. Alan Wu takes us through the this eye-opening session featuring Actuaries helping the world become a better place.

Finity and the National Fair Internship Pledge - The link between interns and diversity

The National Fair Internship Pledge is a promise to provide equal opportunities for young talent, regardless of their situation. Finity has become the first actuarial firm to take the pledge, joining employers in government, tech, education and the not-for-profit sector

Actuaries Digital download and print edition - June 2016

Welcome to our round-up of the articles posted on Actuaries Digital during June 2016.

Brexit exit - a trip down hindsight lane

CEO David Bell reflects on the essay by Oliver Hartwich called 'Why Europe Failed' in light of the recent Brexit vote to leave the EU. He also shares some lessons civil society can take from this event.

Permission to fail is key to success - an interview with Hollard CEO Richard Enthoven

[VIDEO]: An aggressive risk appetite and “allowing people to fail” has been key to CEO Richard Enthoven’s success. Here, he reflects on Hollard’s appetite for innovation and why actuaries will 'have a field day' in the next ‘blockbuster’ moment coming for the insurance industry.

The Critical Line: Volume 4

In this month’s mathematical musing: the man who knew infinity, interesting integers, nested radicals, and peculiar processes.

Insuring Cyber Risk – Concerns about Coverage

What are the risks and opportunities in defining and pricing insurance cover for cyber risk? Actuaries Susie Amos and Alina Pettifer explore concerns about coverage in Part One of this Two Part series.


Actuarial dares

For an actuary, passing an exam is an important milestone. It means one step closer to the end, or just the end of their seemingly never-ending course and definitely something worth celebrating. Gae Robinson shares some memorable moments in the history of Finity's actuarial dares.

Wealth Management Investment Competition 2016-2017

Following the success of last year’s Asset Allocation competition, the Wealth Management Sub-Committee has decided to run a new investment competition, but with a twist. Instead of acting as a Portfolio Manager, this year you must act as an Investment Analyst / Economist – and your Portfolio Manager boss is going to ask you some demanding questions!


Seminar eyes Future of Private Healthcare

Nick Stolk reviews the recent ‘Future of Health Seminar’ that saw industry leaders discuss product complexity, premium increases and the lack of customer engagement in Australia’s private health insurance market.