Current Issues

Racist soap dispensers and other tales of health measurement bias

In early-2022, UK Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, put the topics of selection, sample and measurement bias in life and health insurance under the microscope by announcing an investigation into a potential bias in oximeters. Specifically, whether bias was a contributing factor to worse outcomes for ethnic minorities during the COVID-19 pandemic. While, on the face of it, this is an isolated incident, it is actually more commonplace than you may think.


Ambulance delays: ‘more paramedics’ not the solution

As an actuary who also juggles a casual role as a paramedic, Sophie Dyson has experienced the chronic issue of ambulance ‘ramping’ – the delay of paramedics handing over care of their patients to the emergency department – first-hand. While the COVID-19 pandemic has bought about innovation in healthcare delivery, ramping remains a serious issue, and a system-wide approach is needed to find a solution.

The future of health in Australia

The 2022 Future of Health Seminar saw actuaries, healthcare professionals and experts gather to discuss value-based care, healthcare in a post-COVID world, the importance of data and more. Catch up on the key themes and discussions that emerged from the event.

Getting better value from healthcare

In Australia, the healthcare system represents around 10% of GDP, so getting good value from healthcare is in everyone’s interest. Yet, growing evidence suggests we can do better. The Actuaries Institute’s Future of Health Seminar, which occurred on Thursday 24 March, had two sessions that explored the evidence of value and what governments, clinicians and hospitals are doing to deliver value-based care.