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COVID-19 Monday Roundup 3 August 2020

Another week with record new case numbers and fatalities in Australia, continuing to be dominated by Victoria. Six vaccine candidates have now reached Phase Three trials globally, whilst locally a Phase Two trial managed by Flinders University has been approved.  CPI records the largest drop on record, dominated by free childcare and low petrol prices. And in terms of understanding the disease, there’s increasing evidence of long-term health implications as a result of COVID-19 with an Italian study showing that after 60 days from onset only 13% of patients reported being symptom free.


COVID-19 Monday Roundup 27 July 2020

In a week when COVID-19 cases reached records both globally and in Australia, the UK and US governments signed deals with vaccine manufacturers which may delay access for other countries. Early trial results suggest the drug interferon-beta may significantly reduce severe disease and death from COVID-19. And Insurers will be carefully watching test cases brought by regulators on Business Interruption insurance.

COVID-19 Monday Roundup 20 July 2020

In a week dominated by growing case numbers and in Australia, poor economic news, lockdowns and mandatory face masks in Melbourne, there were a few bright spots. Vaccine development continues apace, we’re getting better at treating COVID-19 and mental health may have started to improve in Australia. Two COVID-positive hair stylists in the US inadvertently showed that face masks work when they avoided infecting any of 139 clients.

COVID-19 Monday Roundup 6 July 2020

Parts of Melbourne go into lockdown as cases in Victoria dominate the acceleration in Australia. Record new daily cases globally this week as over 1.3 million new cases are confirmed. Official mortality data in the US suggests that COVID-19 deaths may be under-stated, and anti-body testing shows the burden may be more than 10 times greater than reported. Travel insurance complaints dominate the COVID-related AFCA complaints, and next year's Australian Open will not have Pandemic Insurance with the current policy expiring beforehand.