Covid-19 Blog

COVID-19 Monday Roundup 12 October 2020

With the world’s attention on Trump’s COVID-19 infection, it was easy to miss another global record number of new cases, thanks to second waves in North America and Europe. Locally, Australian cases declined and New Zealand declared itself COVID-free for a second time, but cases in the Pacific have emerged. Research highlights concerns about a pandemic-induced spike in Parkinson’s disease and explores potential immunity to COVID from the common cold, while APRA resumes its work on Disability Income Insurance.


COVID-19 Monday Roundup 28 September 2020

COVID-19 deaths set to pass a sobering one million globally this week. Australia recorded just 142 new cases in the last week. The unemployment rate fell from 7.5% to 6.8% in August, despite an increase in Victoria. With schools looking to re-open in the US, a study has shown that almost two-thirds of cases were in adults aged 20-49 compared to 1.2% from children aged 0-9. And Cancer Australia publishes a review confirming what has been seen internationally in that there has been significant reduction in cancer screenings this year.

COVID-19 Monday Roundup 31 August 2020

Although not falling, the increase of global cases have remained steady. In Australia, Victoria's Stage 4 restrictions have managed to reduce case numbers while in NSW, the CBD outbreak has spread into various areas. APRA's recent reports evaluate the effects of COVID on our industries and we are now seeing cases of reinfection.