Toasting Our Volunteers

In the heart of Melbourne and Sydney, the Actuaries Institute recently celebrated the outstanding contributions of its volunteers with two end-of-year celebrations. 

These gatherings were not just occasions for good nosh and great conversation, but a chance to acknowledge the incredible strides made by the Institute in 2023 – thanks to the dedication of its volunteers.

On the evenings of October 26th in Melbourne and November 23rd in Sydney, the Institute’s community came together to reflect on a year marked by significant achievements. The Sydney celebration, held at the picturesque L’Aqua Rooftop Level at Cockle Bay Wharf, had the added honour of recognising the recipients of the prestigious 2023 Actuary of the Year and Volunteer of the Year Awards.

The Actuaries Institute had much to celebrate, with milestones that reflect the hard work and innovation of its members. Among the Institute’s many achievements were:

  • Media mentions skyrocketed to over 800, spreading the word on critical topics such as inequality, insurance affordability, and COVID mortality.
  • More than 20 submissions across various practices showcased the Institute’s thought leadership.
  • The Institute also made its presence felt on the global stage, with over 1,500 actuaries from 86 countries attending ICA2023 in Sydney.


Behind these successes lies the hard work of over 800 members who volunteered in 2023, equivalent to 14% of our membership.

Our volunteers contribute to more than 70 practice committees, working groups, and taskforces, and work across reports and articles, education programs, and marketing campaigns, strengthening the Institute’s mission and vision. These individuals, from differing practice areas and stages of their careers, are united by a commitment to advance the profession and make meaningful societal contributions.

The Institute extends heartfelt gratitude to our out-going Chairs for leading working groups and committees in their development of actuarial practice through the Institute’s education, CPD, standard-setting, public policy and research activities.

Thank you to:


Sharanjit, Rade and Naomi
Honouring Our Award Winners

The Sydney event spotlighted the exceptional contributions of Rade Musulin and Sharanjit Paddam, both honoured as Actuary of the Year for their remarkable work in climate risk and public policy. Their efforts have not only advanced the profession but have also had a significant impact, nationally and around the world.

“The recognition of these two individuals highlights more than the incredible accomplishments of Rade and Sharanjit – it showcases the unique skills and values actuaries possess to make lasting change, using data for good.” – Naomi Edwards

Karen Cutter

The recipients of the Volunteer of the Year awards were also celebrated on the evening, demonstrating both the dedication and diversity of our profession. Congratulations to:

  • President’s Award: Karen Cutter
  • Distinguished Service Award: Tim Jenkins and Brent Walker, honoured posthumously
  • Spirit of Volunteering Award: Gaurav Agrawal, Fei Huang and Jason Yu
  • Young Volunteer Achievement Award: Hanna Beatrix, Ean Chan and Ayeeda Akhand


A special award was also added to this year’s line-up – the Outstanding Committee Award. This was presented to the ICA2023 Organising Committee, acknowledging their commitment to enhancing the actuarial profession’s profile both in Australia and internationally through delivering a phenomenal International Congress of Actuaries.

Looking forward

As we look back on the achievements of 2023, we know that none of it would be possible without the collective power of our volunteers. The Actuaries Institute’s end-of-year celebrations in Melbourne and Sydney were not only a time to honour individual accomplishments but also a reflection of our shared values and aspirations.

As we raise our glasses to the end of another successful year, we do so with great appreciation for the time, expertise and talents of our volunteers, which enables the Institute to continually embrace new opportunities. Here’s to another year of excellence and impactful change!

Interested in volunteering? Take a look at our volunteer vacancies.

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