Interested in a career in data science?

As data science and artificial intelligence continues to break new grounds, the need for data scientists continues to grow stronger and stronger by the minute. But what does a career in data science look? And more important, how do you get there?

In this episode, Tong Zhang speaks with Kelly Chu President of the UNSW Actuarial Society and Rohan Dixit, Data Science Executive, Quantium to discuss their careers in data science across the different career stages.

In this episode they share: 

  • Parallels between actuarial science and data science 
  • Ways to explore data science pathways as a student 
  • Insights from working within the data science sector 


The conversation is followed by an exclusive interview with Jas Singh, Senior Recruiter for SKL who shares insights on the top skills and traits employers are looking for. Listen to “Interested in a career in data science?” on Spreaker.

Read the transcript.  

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