Driven by Data: In conversation with Rob Daly

Increasingly, business strategy is data driven. Do we as actuaries have sufficient training? Are we equipped to be business leaders and what skills do we need to become more effective?

Rob Daly

Actuary and Managing Director of Insurance at Westpac, Rob Daly joins the Driven by Data Podcast to predict how actuaries can lead the change to a data driven strategy.

In this episode, Rob details the need for actuaries to be well informed on machine learning techniques. Talks about his role in establishing the Data Analytics course at Macquarie University and his experience working with the Institute’s Data Analytics Practice Committee to help educate post-qualified actuaries about data analytics.

Tune in for the latest in the world of data analytics as experts from within and beyond the actuarial profession join Meg Yang for exclusive interviews.

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 Key takeaways of the podcast are:

  • 4:04 – What motivated Rob to learn more about analytical techniques and to work on the Actuaries Institutes data analytics strategy and education components

  • 6:28 – How actuaries can lead the change to a data driven strategy within a business

  • 8:15 – What are the skill shortages in the actuary profession and how can actuaries be more competitive?

  • 10:45 – Are actuaries are well trained and equipped to become business leaders?

  • 13:25 – Rob offer’s key advice for people who want to pursue a management pathway

  • 14:02 – Rob shares where he believes he gained his commercial experience and leadership skills

  • 14:50 – Is it necessary for business leaders to understand the technical details when it comes to making decisions based on machine learning techniques? And what are the potential implications on ethics?

  • 17:32 – How to make a decision as an economist


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