New analysis shows concerning inequality in Australia

Inequality has become a prominent topic in both academic policy debates and popular media, with 70% of Australians believing income disparities are too large.

A Green Paper from the Actuaries Institute for the first time brings together a raft of Australian survey data with new analysis to paint a snapshot of income inequality in Australia. Published on 1st May, Not a Level Playing Field highlights that inequality is significantly higher than in the 1980s, with serious impacts for low-income households.

Elayne Grace on inequality

Watch Actuaries Institute CEO, Elayne Grace, speak about the significance of the Paper, and the unique role actuaries can play in diagnosing and addressing economic inequality.

‘Not a Level Playing Field’ podcast

Vanessa Beenders, Executive General Manager, Public Policy & Professionalism, sat down with one of the authors, actuary Dr Hugh Miller, a Principal at Taylor Fry, to discuss some of the Paper’s findings.

In our latest podcast, Vanessa and Hugh talk about:

  • the meaning of inequality;
  • the relationship between inequality and  health, education, housing and environmental outcomes;
  • policy recommendations to address this issue.


Listen to “Not a Level Playing Field” on Spreaker.

To read Not a Level Playing Field, click here.

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