Tackling the big issues in the general insurance industry, representing actuaries and motivating a group of volunteers has been the remit of IAG’s Tim Clark for the last five years.

After five years as the Convener of the Institute’s General Insurance Practice Committee (GIPC), Tim Clark has stepped down due to work commitments. In this podcast, Tim speaks with GIPC member Kitty Ho about memorable moments over the last five years, including debates over general insurance cover of mental health conditions and of flood damage following Cyclone Yasi.

Tim talks about the challenge for actuaries to uphold their reputation and, given the 2014 Financial Services Inquiry (FSI) and current Royal Commission, touts the unique idea of having a CRO for Australia

“I quite like that idea still… but I don’t think I’d ever want to do it for Australia though,” he says.

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“we are the original data scientists but there are so many tools and techniques that we need to change to maintain relevance… we’ve got to keep pushing [our reputation] hard” said Tim. “I feel proud representing the profession to APRA and other stakeholders because they really respect actuaries.”

Commenting on his departure, Elayne Grace CEO said:

“Tim is a great lateral thinker who brings positive energy to the brainstorming of issues facing our profession and industry. He encourages us all to be able to articulate the clear value differentiator of Actuaries. Tim has been great to work with and I would like to thank him for the significant contribution and forward-looking approach he has provided as Convenor of the GIPC.”

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