Do you know your International Committee? Part 2

You know that the International Committee has a global focus, but did you know about its activities, plans and members?

Did You Know?

The International Committee has two sub-committees: The International Actuarial Association (IAA) Sub-Committee and the Asia Sub-Committee.

The Actuaries Institute’s role in the global profession is one of the key focuses of the IAA subcommittee.

The IAA subcommittee coordinates the Institute’s involvement in IAA activities including representation on committees, contributing to meetings and proposing Institute members for various IAA leadership roles. In fact, two past Presidents of the IAA have come from Australia. The subcommittee also acts as an important conduit for the considerable work produced by the IAA that is relevant to Institute members, whether based in Australia or overseas.

Good relationships with overseas actuarial associations, particularly the larger ones, are essential in an increasingly global business environment.  Face to face bilateral meetings are the foundation of maintaining and developing these relationships.  The IAA subcommittee plays an important role in facilitating and providing continuity to these meetings which take place regularly between respective Presidents and CEOs.

Members of the Actuaries Institute have a long history of making substantial contributions to the profession globally. In 2022, the Actuaries Institute will host the International Congress of Actuaries (ICA). The ICA is held every 4 years and was last held in Australia in 1984.

Learn more about the International Committee here:

Do You Know?

Lindsay Smartt

Lindsay is a company director and sits on the boards of Westpac/BT’s four insurance companies, Fidelity Life in NZ, The Infants’ Home and he chairs The Salvation Army Employment Plus.  He has always had a keen interest in international matters and, as President of the Actuaries Institute in 2016, Lindsay has represented the Institute at the IAA, presenting to the global Presidents Forum and other meetings.  Having contributed on many Institute committees, working groups and Council, Lindsay now serves on the Institute’s International Committee and its IAA subcommittee.  Lindsay is a member of the IAA’s Enterprise and Financial Risk Committee.


Bozenna Hinton

Bozenna Hinton works for TAL Life as Head of Portfolio Management and is a Past President of the Institute. She has been active on the International Committee in Australia for many years, as well as representing Australia at the International Actuarial Association on many committees.  She is currently Chair of the IAA Education Committee and has led the development of a new international actuarial syllabus.  She is also a current member of the Professionalism Committee and the Nominations Committee.


Did You Know?

The Asia Sub-committee of the International Committee was set up in order to boost engagement with members and the profession in Asia. Supported by Kitty Chan, the Asia Liaison Manager, the sub-committee’s key focuses are

  • in CPD; and
  • improving the relationship with local actuarial bodies. 

The sub-committee includes members from Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Malaysia and Australia.

Besides discussing other issues of interest, the sub-committee facilitates communication regarding what CPD functions are being held in the region, including those from other actuarial bodies. These activities are then communicated by the Institute to the wider Asian and Australian membership. The sub-committee also facilitates connections for the Institute to local actuarial bodies.

Learn more about the International Committee here.

Do You Know?

Andy Yang

Andy has worked in Investments and Insurance across 7 countries in the Asia-Pacific including Chief Investment Officer roles.  He is currently Senior Advisor to Coherent Capital Advisors and consults to clients in Hong Kong.  He was a Council Member of the Actuaries Institute in 1999-2002 and 2014-2017.  Andy is currently the chair of the Asia Sub-Committee and is the Asia Sub-Committee representative on the International Committee.


Kitty Chan

Kitty Chan was appointed as the Liaison Manager, Asia in March 2017.  She is based in Hong Kong at the Actuaries Joint Office.  Kitty’s work focuses on the Institute’s Asia-based members in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Malaysia.  She previously practised in General Insurance in Sydney and lived in Taipei and Singapore before relocation back to Hong Kong. You can learn more about Kitty here.

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