The IAA assembles in Sydney

The International Actuarial Association (IAA) Council and Committee Meetings are set to take place in Sydney, Australia, from May 24th to 28th, 2023.

Held at the Mercure Hotel in Sydney, prior to the International Congress of Actuaries, these meetings will see actuaries and other experts from around the world discuss ongoing projects and explore new developments in the profession. A wide range of topics will be covered across multiple sessions, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of key issues and trends shaping the actuarial field.

The breadth of topics covered during these meetings is impressive. Various committees, such as the Actuarial Standards Committee, Education Committee, Insurance Accounting Committee, and Professionalism Committee, will convene to tackle pertinent issues and drive progress within their respective areas of focus. Additionally, forums and sessions like the Health Forum, General Insurance Forum, Enterprise & Financial Risk Forum, and Pensions, Benefits and Social Security Forum will provide valuable insights into specialised fields.

It is wonderful being here in Sydney again, for the IAA meetings and ICA, but also to celebrate the Institute’s 125th anniversary. The IAA’s looking forward to a productive set of meetings as we deliberate the profession’s focus on climate and sustainability issues, while maintaining our attention on the future of the profession, with developing topics such as AI and cyber risks.“ Micheline Dionne, President of the International Actuarial Association 

Key meeting highlights

One of the highlights of the week is the Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, May 25th. Hosted by President Micheline Dionne, the meeting will feature three compelling topics and notable speakers. Firstly, Jan Kellett will discuss the UNDP/Milliman Actuarial Capacity Building Project. Next, Charles Cowling and Ralph Blanchard will provide insights into the progress of the IAA Restructure. Lastly, Gábor Hanák, Andrew Chamberlain, Derek Wright, Micheline Dionne, and Roseanne Harris will shed light on the IAA’s climate-related initiatives.

Another significant session is the Special IAIS (International Association of Insurance Supervisors) session with Jonathan Dixon, the Secretary General of IAIS, on Friday, May 26th. Joined by Roseanne Harris and Nick Dexter, Jonathan will delve into several critical topics; including the upcoming consultation on the Insurance Capital Standard, revisions to the IAIS’ Insurance Core Principles, findings from the recent Holistic Framework assessment work, and other important themes, such as climate protection gaps and cyber risk for insurers.

The IAA meetings will conclude with the official dinner, hosted by the Actuaries Institute, on Saturday, May 27th at the Australian National Maritime Museum. We look forward to sharing more about this memorable event through LinkedIn.

The IAA Council and Committee Meetings represent a pinnacle moment for the actuarial profession globally. By facilitating collaboration, knowledge sharing, and dialogue on key industry issues, these gatherings drive innovation and shape the future of the actuarial field.

As the curtains draw on this significant event, the discussions, resolutions, and outcomes will undoubtedly resonate within the actuarial community for years to come. The IAA’s commitment to international collaboration and cooperation serves as a testament to its dedication to excellence and progress.


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