The next instalment of the CareerView Podcast series discusses the rise of digital job seeking, from video CV profiles to online video interviews, new methods are attracting diverse talent.

In this podcast, Angat Sandhu (Chief Editor of Actuaries Digital) asks Nick Cowdery (actuarial recruiter and Director of InterAct Search) to explain the rise of digital job seeking and how job seekers can take advantage of digital media to advance their career.

“as technology becomes an increasingly important part of everyone’s lives, it’s also affecting recruitment and that means we’re going to see some huge changes over the next few years.” – Nick Cowdery

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Nick stresses the increasing importance of having both a traditional written CV and a video profile so you can demonstrate both your occupational excellence and a great personality to help managers and recruiters determine if you will fit into their workplace. Nick also discusses how video can assist in promoting a company’s facilities and increase interest in their job advertisements through video profiles of the company.

“in the same way you can’t get much out of a CV, you can’t get much out of a job spec either and so I think that’s the other area video is going to really play an increasingly important part. ” –  Nick Cowdery

Listen in to the podcast to hear the discussion on job seeking, job advertisements and how to be ahead of the game.

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