Welcome to the Institute’s newest members!

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A warm welcome to the Institute’s newest members in Australia and overseas.


Haiming Zhu (NSW)

Hoan Thi Ngoc Nguyen (NSW)

Marc Mer (NSW)

Benno Malasi Lyakurwa (NSW)

Stephanie Bao Lin Ngo (NSW)

Corrina Ching Man Cheung (NSW)

Jia Si Hu (NSW)

Khang Thanh  Le (NSW)

Kushal Mithal (NSW)

Min Han Chow (NSW)

Nishant Mainali (NSW)

Oliver Michael Wood (NSW)

Shaochuan Wang (NSW)

Soroush Eslami Amirabadi (NSW)

Subarna Panday (NSW)

Eric Siu Yeung Au (VIC)

Ilhan Evin (VIC)

Jeanne Kuang (VIC)

Luke Bexley (VIC)

Viet Hoai Lam (VIC)

Zhi Hao Ong (VIC)

Zilu Tang (VIC)

Adam Junyu Nie (ACT)

Dongxu Li (ACT)

Jonathan Kuan-Chung Feng (ACT)

Tianhao Zhou (ACT)

Xiaoxu Meng (ACT)

Travis John Yates (QLD)

Yi Zhou (SA)

Zhiyong Zhu (SA)


ShengYu Du (Hong Kong)

Yan Cheuk Sung (Hong Kong)

Wai Tung Chan (Hong Kong)

Jennifer Anne Howe (New Zealand)

Jennifer Anne Howe (New Zealand)

Jiajun Zheng (Shanghai)

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