Practice Update videos now available

The Actuaries Institute has just released the first collection of Practice Update videos! See what each committee has been up to and also earn CPD points.

In response to members’ telling us they wanted more CPD available in short, sharp video format – we’re delighted to bring you the 2016 Practice Update videos. These videos are part of the new CPD program that is being developed and will be released annually. Good news is that you can earn one CPD point for each video you watch plus additional CPD points if you choose to access the useful links within each video. 

Developed by members, to keep members up-to-date, the videos are approximately five to eight minutes long and cover a broad range of topics including:

  • key headline news from the industry/practice area;

  • any important changes to legislation, regulation, standards etc;

  • significant appointments to new roles in the industry/practice area;

  • the committee’s focus for the last year and their look ahead to 2017;

  • useful sources of CPD; and

  • details of committee members.



Useful Links:
Banking Articles on Actuaries Digital
Banking Regulatory Update – Basel 4 and IFRS 9
2016 Banking Seminar

Data Analytics

Useful links:
Data Analytics Microsite
Actuaries Data Analytics LinkedIn Group 
Relevant Events and Presentations

General Insurance

Useful links:
GI Articles on Actuaries Digital
Institute Events

Health Practice (PHI) Industry Update

Health Practice Committee Update

Useful Links:
Who Will Fund Our Health? Green Paper
Future of Health Seminar 2016
Health Articles on Actuaries Digital 


Useful links:
International Actuarial Association

Leadership and Career Development

Useful Links
Leadership articles on Actuaries Digital 
Leadership Development Seminar 2017 
Institute Events
Mentoring Program


Life Insurance and Wealth Management

With special thanks to Ilan Leas, the Convener and David Millar, the secretary of the LIWMPC.
Useful Links:
Impact of Big Data on the Future of Insurance Green Paper
Past LIWMPC Newsletters
Life Insurance Articles on Actuaries Digital
Information Notes

Risk Management

Useful Links: 
2016 ERM Seminar


Useful Links:
Superannuation articles on Actuaries Digital
Institute Events

To each of the Practice Committees for generously sharing their time and knowledge and to each of our video stars – thank you.

As always we appreciate your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to contact us and share your thoughts.

CPD: Actuaries Institute Members can claim two CPD points for every hour of reading articles on Actuaries Digital.