The Critical Line – Volume 3

Welcome to the third instalment of the Critical Line brought to you by Jevon Fulbrook and Chris Ebbs. This month we would like to draw your attention to a pattern seen daily by most of the world, but whose existence we are mostly unaware of.


The EURion constellation is found on most of the world’s banknotes. The pattern broadly resembles the Orion constellation which is visible from most places around the globe. There are many theories about its actual purpose, but it is generally thought to prevent the creation of counterfeit. Therefore, the secret of how it prevents counterfeits is closely guarded by banks, governments and printing companies. The internet is scattered with theories on its use should you wish to further understand the EURion. We give you our EURion themed puzzle…



In order to solve the star Sudoku and become the Sudoku star, you’ll first need to work out what the starting numbers are. To work out these numbers, you’ll need to solve the clues that correspond to the letters inside the star. Some of the clues are a bit cryptic – think outside the box!

A. sounds like a vine coated in iron
B. perform Buddhism
C. mixed up haul
D. x in the function ex
E. $ is divisible by two
F. human resources in casual shirt
G. pixie-like digests MDMA
H. headless height
I. brief foul meets pirate
J. back to front soccer goal
K. New Zealanders getting down and dirty
L. neon surrounds the inside


To complete the star, each region, row and column must contain the numbers 1 through 12. Send in the solved Sudoku for your chance to win $50! For an extra prize (honour and glory), send us alternative cryptic clues for the numbers.


The Critical Line Vol.2 solution

Although there were two correct answers, congratulations to Hugh Miller who was first to send through his solution. 

The solution and explanation to the Critical Line vol.2, by Dan Mayoh, can be downloaded here: Critical Line 2 – Blackjack solution.


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