Congratulations to the Successful Candidates

Celebrating Semester 2, 2023 results!

Congratulations to all our students who passed their Semester 2 subjects and are on their journey to becoming a Fellow or Associate. We also offer a very special welcome to our 89 new Fellows.

Semester 2, 2023 pass rates

Semester 2, 2023 prize winners

The Semester 2, 2023 prize winners demonstrated academic excellence, sound critical thinking, and communications skills – congratulations on your achievement!

View the Actuary Program results for Semester 2 2023.

View the Fellowship Subject results for Semester 2 2023.

Upskilling post-Fellowship

Our Fellowship subjects cover domain knowledge and skills set by senior practicing actuaries. Careers in specific domains benefit from deep knowledge. The Institute offers those who may want to move practice area or upskill in a new area (e.g., AASB 17, post-retirement) to study one or more of the three application subjects in domains where actuaries have deep expertise.

Similarly, for those who have limited knowledge of the rapidly emerging data science skillset, our Data Science Applications subject is the only data science subject written by actuaries for actuaries. You can delve deep into the subject and train yourself to be ‘exam-ready’ or take a lighter approach to gain familiarity with the jargon used by data science actuaries.

Enrol in microcredentials.

Launch of the Banking subject

The Fellowship program now includes a pathway to understand the detailed operation of banks.  An article published in November explains the purpose of the subject, the target audience and the involvement of actuaries working in Banking.

The Education Team extend their sincere thanks to the 235 volunteers who work with us to educate our next generation of actuaries.

Employer discussions

We look forward to reaching out to employers next year to discuss the education journey of our students and how we can more closely work together.

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