Pandemic Briefing – Impact of COVID-19 on PHI

The COVID-19 Working Group have released the next Pandemic Briefing aimed to assist actuaries advising Private Health Insurers.

The purpose of this draft note is to assist actuaries with advice input to 30 June financial statements amidst the context of uncertainty brought by COVID-19. 

Pandemic briefing notes are for support and not mandatory standards.

The note covers:

  • Exploring areas of actuarial judgement for 30 June financial statements and APRA returns.
  • Looking for pathways for advice to support actuaries.
  • Anticipated areas of co-ordination required across stakeholders (Directors, Finance, Actuaries, Auditors, APRA, ASIC).

As events and views unfold, including through feedback on this note, the draft will be updated accordingly.

Feedback can be added to the discussion thread on the Pandemics Resource Centre here.

View the briefing here

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