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Driven by Data: Insights from an actuarial entrepreneur

It takes bravery, poise and commitment to make the jump from the relative comforts of full-time employment to establishing a startup – especially in the rapidly evolving data analytics space. For tech entrepreneur, data scientist and actuary Sam Zheng, he has taken these challenges in his stride. Sam joins Meg Yang on the 'Driven by Data' Podcast to delve into his experience from setting up not one, but two artificial intelligence startups, how his actuarial skillset has helped him adapt to the innovative entrepreneurial world, and his essential tips for getting into the space.


UNSW Data Analytics Sandbox empowers young actuaries to help solve industry problems

How can we predict building claims costs in Small Medium Enterprises (SME) across Australia using advanced statistical machine learning techniques? Or group and price hundreds of different industries based on data and business knowledge? How should we deal with sparse data spread across hundreds of categories? Commercial insurers are searching for solutions to these ongoing industry challenges, as well as young talents to contribute to their solutions. Dr Fei Huang describes the UNSW Business School’s Sandbox Project, which aims to do just that.

Sustainability and development: How machine learning can counter illegal mining

Illegal mining is an increasingly important issue that sits at the intersection of environmentalism and economic development. It is a powerful symbol for the challenge many developing nations face in taking action on climate change while simultaneously grappling with complex social issues. And perhaps somewhat surprisingly, the actuarial skillset could have a role to play in meeting this challenge.

‘YDAWG Analytica’ go to the movies

We at the Young Data Analytics Working Group (YDAWG) are used to looking at the world through a different, data-focused lens. So, despite the millions of different articles, opinions, and hot takes from this week’s Oscars, we have managed to put together a unique and interesting way to look at some of the greatest movies from recent history. So, pop your favourite popcorn, import your favourite data packages, and prepare yourselves for another ‘YDAWG Analytica’ article!