To improve at anything in life, whether it’s recreational, personal or professional, you need to practice. And in this episode of the Driven by Data Podcast, find out how you can enhance your coding and data analytics skillset through taking part in structured, risk-free data-driven competitions.

Marcello Negro, Principal at Finity Consulting and Ean Chan, Actuarial Manager at EY join the Driven by Data Podcast to unpack the benefits, challenges and key learnings from their experience is taking part in data-driven competitions.

Marcello and Ean chat about their experiences in data competition, how they apply the skills in their current roles, the key benefits and new skillsets they have gained by participating and how they see the data landscape evolving in the future.

PLUS, Marcello and Ean offer advice for those new to data competitions, how you can get involved and top tips on how to overcome challenges you make face during these competitions.

Tune in for the latest in the world of data analytics as experts from within and beyond the actuarial profession join Kriti Khullar for exclusive interviews.

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Key Takeaways of the podcast are:

1:23 – Marcello unpacks what a data competition is and the types of problems you are required to solve.

2:30 – Ean explains what he enjoys most and the different data competitions he has competed in.

3:50 – If you’re thinking of partaking in a data competition, Ean and Marcello recommendation join a Kaggle Competition.

5:17 – Marcello and Ean discuss their motivation behind joining data competitions, key learnings and how the competitions have changed and evolved over the past seven years.

10:43 – You don’t have to commit all this time to writing code and doing the competition, you can still learn quite a lot just by reading and looking at the forums.

13:55 – Marcello offers guidance on some of the key challenges participants can face during these competitions and suggestions on how they can overcome it.

17:32 – Ean unpacks how participants utlise their experience from participating in these competitions in the workforce.

23:31 – How many hours of effort is generally required for one to participate in any of these competitions?

26:53 – Ean and Marcello offers advice on how to get started and were to sign up for actuaries who are interested in these types of competitions.

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