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Unveiling Our 2023 Actuary of the Year

As we are presented with the urgent challenges of climate change, those armed with data are uniquely placed to make a difference. Of this group, two of our members stand out for their impressive work in this area – this year’s Actuary of the Year recipients, Rade Musulin

by Actuaries Institute

Posted 20 September 2023

Associate Edition

The Associate Edition: Going Beyond the Title

In our newly launched series, ‘Associates Edition,’ we delve into

by Bianka Grange

Posted 20 September 2023

General Insurance

Multi-state Modelling of Customer Transitions

Customer churn is a widespread and expensive problem in general

by Yumo Dong and Dr Fei Huang

Posted 19 September 2023

Event Reports

Working in Asia

In August, YAP NSW hosted an Insights Session with Quanyie

by Jessica Nguyen

Posted 19 September 2023

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