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The actuarial brand in banking

In thinking about how actuaries could bolster their brand in banking, a fellow banking actuary asked an important question – Why does the banking sector need actuaries?

by Pooja Nagarajan

Posted 11 October 2021

Climate Change Blog

Climate risk disclosures: The scientists are talking. Are we listening and how should we respond?

Recently, a number of scientists have drawn attention to the challenges faced by businesses in undertaking climate risk assessments. This article sets out a potential five-phase approach to help increase our understanding of the physical impacts of climate change, which could form the basis of disclosures in the interim.

by Tim Andrews , Tatiana Potemina and Pulkit Jain

Posted 12 October 2021

Event Preview

Pulling at the threads of causation

Hugh Miller previews his Concurrent presentation at the 2021 Injury & Disability Schemes Virtual Seminar, titled ‘Lost cause: Getting at causation in our datasets’.

by Hugh Miller

Posted 14 October 2021

Actuaries at Play

The ‘Actuaryland’ project

Could a theme park inspire the next generation of actuaries? In this satirical piece, Gavin Zhang and Harrison Gee plot a strategy of how a make-believe ‘Actuaryland’ theme park could help spark interest in the profession among 5-13-year-olds.

by Gavin Zhang and Harrison Gee

Posted 13 October 2021

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