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A conversation with Mike Roche

Mike Roche, actuary, non-executive director and philanthropist, recently sat down with Hoa Bui, immediate past president of the Actuaries Institute, to give his thoughts on the industry today, his varied career, and how actuaries can solve problems for both business and people.

by Actuaries Institute

Posted 21 July 2021

Covid-19 Blog

Business interruption in a COVID-19 Australia

COVID-19 has directly and indirectly affected the operation of many Australian businesses, leaving many with lost earnings. Some businesses have turned to their insurers to claim on their business interruption (‘BI’) insurance policies. However, most current BI policies are not intended by insurers to cover a pandemic, and most include some form of exclusion.

by Joey Chen

Posted 20 July 2021

Under the Spotlight

Under the Spotlight – Jan Swinhoe

In a special Olympics-themed edition of Under the Spotlight, Athletics Australia Vice President and Actuaries Institute Associate Jan Swinhoe discusses why she became an actuary, and shares her secrets to balancing her actuarial work with the significant commitment of helping steer the Australian athletics landscape into the future.

by Actuaries Institute

Posted 23 July 2021

Event Reports

2021 Actuarial Hackathon Showcase

The 2021 Actuarial Hackathon Showcase, held virtually on Wednesday 21 July, saw seven teams of volunteer actuaries present their solutions to business problems posed by not-for-profit organisations. With 30 actuaries volunteering their time, the Actuarial Hackathon tackled seven different problems submitted by charities Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, Luke Priddis Foundation, Children’s Ground, A Start in Life, BATYR and Climate Council.

by Richard Bannon

Posted 22 July 2021


Quomodo actuary an cogitas? How does an actuary think?

In Part 1 of a two-part series, Brent Walker comments on the incredible achievements of the pioneer of 'lateral thinking', Edward de Bono.

by Brent Walker

Posted 22 July 2021

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