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Are you willing to trade health outcomes for shorter waiting times? What are the ethics of healthcare financing? How will private health insurance adapt to changing needs? Would you be prepared to limit benefits to people who don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle? Such were the very-real challenges contemplated at the most recent ‘Future of Health Seminar’ (FOHS) held in Melbourne.


This unique actuarial event explored what the future of healthcare looks like: from the impacts of health-related artificial intelligence and applications of genomics, through to inequity in the system - which could become more ingrained as innovations and technologies continue to develop.


If you missed the FOHS this year, read the Plenary summaries below, and view slides or listen to audio, to get across the latest developments and how they intersect with the role of actuaries.


Zach Tirrell, Health Editor

Top Story

Future of Health Seminar 2019 – an overview

“What is healthcare?” This fundamental and foundational question kicked off the October 2019 Future of Health Seminar (FOHS); an annual gathering of healthcare professionals, actuaries, policymakers and stakeholders from industry bodies.

by Zachary Tirrell

Posted 13 December 2019

Event Reports

What is healthcare? – FOHS Plenary 1 report

Healthcare has progressed beyond immediate physiological needs, expanding to now consider quality of life and wellness, patient empowerment, social determinants and happiness.

by Brendan Pon

Posted 12 December 2019

Event Reports

The far future of healthcare – FOHS Plenary 2 report

The future of decision-making (in healthcare and broader contexts) relies on making data usable to support at the best choices.  An important consideration for the future of our healthcare is that this data has to reflect the population it is being used on.

by Zachary Tirrell

Posted 12 December 2019

Event Reports

The near future of healthcare – FOHS 3 Plenary report

A shift towards a patient-centric healthcare system measured by 'value-add' rather than cost was a major theme of Plenary 3. Speakers Leanne Wells, CEO of Consumer Health Forum of Australia, Sue Williams from Cabrini Health Australia and Dr Jananie William, Senior Lecturer in Actuarial Studies at ANU, each discussed these issues in ‘the near future of healthcare’.

by Lulu Wang

Posted 11 December 2019

Event Reports

Pathways to move forward – FOHS Plenary 4 report

Plenary 4 focused on potential pathways to create a sustainable future of healthcare in Australia, with insights Tony Coleman (Macquarie University), Natalie Kelly (Medibank) and Hon John Hill Private Health Australia). The audience were polled for their views at the end of the Plenary - read on for a snapshot of the results.

by Nora Lam

Posted 10 December 2019

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