Under the Spotlight with Bozenna Hinton

With over a quarter-century in the profession, Bozenna’s journey to the IAA President-Elect was built on her dedication, visionary leadership, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

In this Under the Spotlight feature, Bozenna shares how she marries the precision of actuarial science with a passion for education and global sustainability, positioning actuaries as pivotal players in shaping a world.

For those who are new to the Institute, could you share a bit about yourself and your professional background?

Bozenna: I have been working as an actuary for over 25 years, mainly in life insurance, across consulting, insurer and reinsurer roles. I have also worked across other areas including general insurance, superannuation and wider fields and even spent some time consulting to the deregulating electricity and gas industries.

I have four – now grown up – children and am based in Sydney.

I started volunteering with the Institute when I qualified. I first began marking exams and then participated on various committees, including being Chair of our Education Committee, the Board of Examiners, the Life Practice Committee and the International Committee. My volunteering led to becoming President of the Actuaries Institute in 2010 where I was introduced to the International Actuarial Association (IAA) as part of my Presidential duties. Through this connection, I started volunteering with IAA, too.

Which career achievements are you most proud of?

Bozenna: I guess I’m most proud of firstly qualifying, then becoming President of the Actuaries Institute, and now the International Actuarial Association President-Elect. 

Thinking back to when I was a university student, I never imagined I would ever take on these roles.

How did you become involved with the International Actuarial Association (IAA)?

Bozenna: My involvement started through representing Australia in my role as Australian Vice-President (in 2008). 

As I was attending IAA meetings, I thought I might as well start joining IAA committees and contributing. This led to increased recognition over time, including as Vice Chair and then Chair of the IAA Education Committee, and the instigation and implementation of a new global actuarial Education Syllabus – which is another achievement I’m very proud of.

I was also appointed Australia’s representative on the Strategic Planning Committee and as Council Delegate, as well as two terms on the Nominations Committee, and roles on the Professionalism Committee, Membership Committee, Social Security Committee, Pensions and Employee Benefits Committee, Resource and Environment Working Group (as Vice Chair) and Renewal Taskforce.

What does the IAA mean for Actuaries Institute Members?

Bozenna: The IAA is an “Association of Associations”, with 74 full members and 26 Associate members, from all over the world. It is the global voice for actuaries and liaises with other global bodies such as the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS), and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

It provides a model education syllabus that guides our own education syllabus, and model actuarial standards. It is also provides discussion forums where our members can meet with other actuaries to debate issues in each practice area.

When we attend IAA meetings, it’s a great opportunity to meet face to face with key representatives from other associations, such as the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in the UK, the Society of Actuaries in the US, the Casualty Actuarial Society in the US, the Actuarial Society of South Africa, the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, and many others. 

We hear what they are doing with their education systems, what future events they are hosting and their outreach in other countries, including in Australia, and South-east Asia.

We also discuss problems we may have encountered and share learnings which, in turn, is passed onto the Actuaries Institute Council and relevant Australian committees, so we can help the Australian actuarial profession.

What is your vision for the future of the actuarial profession, both within Australia and on the global stage?

Bozenna: My vision is to continue to promote the outreach of the profession to increase its impact, so that the actuarial voice is heard.

We have the skillset to provide a balanced, accurate and trusted view, and can make a real difference in the world.

What would be the key goals and initiatives that you would like to pursue as IAA President-Elect, and then President?

Bozenna: The IAA has key initiatives underway relating to climate, artificial intelligence and the UN Sustainability Goals, including access to water. 

I support these initiatives and would like to see the IAA have a greater global voice and impact. This can be through improving the timeliness of activities and enhancing the communication channels with other supranational organisations.

How do you see the actuarial profession evolving in the coming years, especially in the context of emerging technologies and changing financial landscapes?

Bozenna: The actuarial profession has always faced change.  Just like we survived and thrived following the introduction of computers, the advent of AI will unleash more opportunities for us to interpret, ask the right questions and to forecast. 

I expect we will do things faster, using more data, and resulting in more tailored solutions leading to greater ways to mitigate health risks, and to understand, protect and ultimately reverse the increasing climate challenge and risks.

What advice would you give to aspiring leaders within the actuarial field who seek to make a positive impact through their work?

Bozenna: Have a go and never think that someone else is more qualified or knows more than you!

Every journey begins with a first step. Often, we formulate our ideas better though expressing and sharing them. We are all learning new technologies and their capability. By working together, and helping each other, we can achieve amazing things.

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