Under the Spotlight with the YAAB – Lucy Jing

Over the next three weeks, get to know the newest members of the Actuaries Institute’s Young Actuaries Advisory Board (YAAB) as they go Under the Spotlight. In the first profile of the series, Lucy Jing, Director, Corporate Actuarial at Pacific Life Re, unpacks what she enjoys about giving back to the actuarial profession and her role on the YAAB.

A summary of myself in one sentence…I’m proud to be an actuary who is passionate about building high-performing teams and developing people to reach their potential!

Why did I join the YAAB?…I always enjoy giving back to the actuarial profession. Volunteering has given me many opportunities to connect and learn from amazing people and it’s an honour to be a voice for young actuaries. It can also be a different kind of fun to my day job.

What do I enjoy the most about being involved with the YAAB?…The open exchange of ideas and respectful challenge in our meetings really helps us get the best outcomes – I love that we are all motivated and engaged individuals.

What has my experience been as a younger actuary so far in your career?…I have been very lucky to have leaders that I look up to and can learn from and have really looked after me and supported me. This has helped me mature quickly as a professional. Senior actuaries have a wealth of knowledge and are usually very interesting individuals too!

What excites me about the influence the YAAB has on the future direction of the Actuaries Institute?…The direct line to the Institute’s Board is game-changing. It means that the Board and YAAB’s strategic objectives and activities are aligned, and the voice of young actuaries is louder than ever.

My interesting/quirky hobbies…This is always changing, but of late, reviving plants that my family may have given a bit too much TLC to, fruit-picking expeditions and koala-spotting!

Lucy on the search for koalas.


I’d like to be brave enough to…Swim with sharks.

Short description of career…I have almost ten years of experience in the life insurance and wealth management industry, starting at EY. At EY, I was exposed to a range of different projects in the two industries before deciding to take a more specialised role as a director in the valuation and capital team at Pacific Life Re. I have been involved with the Institute on a number of taskforces and working groups, and most recently have been honoured with the role of NSW Young Actuaries Program President.  

I became an actuary because…Of the same reason many of you chose actuarial studies! I did well in math and wanted to work in business.

What I find most interesting about my current role…Valuation seems to get a bad rap, but there’s never a dull moment. I love that I need to speak to all parts of the business in order to do my job well and gain the right sense of direction that the company is heading in.

My role’s greatest challenges…Balancing individual interests and motivations with what needs to be delivered.

My proudest career achievement to date is…When I was told I had made a real difference to someone’s career and they hoped they could give the same experience to somebody else.

Why I’m proud to be an actuary…Our strong ‘doing the right thing’ work ethic.

The most valuable skill an actuary can possess is…Being able to communicate with non-actuaries.

If I could travel back in time I would…Spend less time at home during university!

Actuarial capabilities I use in my current job…Where I add the most value is translating technical analysis into business insights and solutions, as well as training junior actuaries to do the same.

Skills actuaries should enhance to become more effective in my field of work…Simple and easy-to-follow communication.

One of the most creative applications of actuarial capabilities that I have used in my career…Performing projections based on quantitative and in particular, qualitative, data to underpin recommendations for strategic direction and initiatives.

The most interesting or valuable job or project I have worked on in my career and why…Being a member of the Horizon 35 Taskforce, which mapped out a 15-year view on the future of the profession. We consulted with members, universities, and key external stakeholder groups to identify key mega-trends, opportunities and challenges facing the profession that the Board and the Institute needed to consider as part of setting its long-term strategy.

The advice I would give aspiring actuaries to be able to do my job…Be humble, study smart, and read widely.

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