Pandemic Briefing – Considerations for superannuation actuaries

The Superannuation Committee has prepared the first pandemic briefing for actuaries advising superannuation trustees.

At the recent COVID-19 insights session, Jeff Humphreys mentioned that one of the outputs from the working group in the superannuation area would be a considerations/ check list for members. 

The Superannuation Practice Committee has since issued this document which details a number of considerations surrounding defined benefit funds. These include funding, early release and change in employment status. The document also includes links to useful documents that should be referred to. 

This briefing aims to assist actuaries advising superannuation trustees in their roles. It is the first of a number of briefings and are working documents as we grapple with the dynamic environment COVID-19 presents. They will be updated over time and are not necessarily complete. 

The Superannuation Practice Committee and the COVID-19 Working Group are looking for feedback on this document. Please forward any comments to Jeff Humphreys.

View this Pandemic Briefing here. 

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