The Critical Line – Volume 13

Oliver Chambers brings us this month’s Critical Line challenge: how to escape from the jungle.

This month’s article comes to you from the sunny beaches of Otres Cambodia. I’ve been wandering around South East Asia for the past three months but haven’t forgotten about the eagerly anticipated puzzle column. This month’s puzzle may or may not be inspired by real life experiences…

Lost in the jungle

An actuary has gone for a hike in the jungle and become disoriented. He knows that he is 1km away from a perfectly straight road of infinite length, but does not know which direction he is facing. The forest is very dense so he will not be able to see the road until he walks upon it. What is the shortest distance he needs to walk to be certain of finding the road?

The submissions with the minimum length path will win this month’s $50 book voucher.

For your chance to win $50, send your solution to the puzzle to

The Critical Line – Volume 12 Solution

Congratulations to Stephen Woods who was the first to submit the correct solution!

Thanks to all those who wrote in with their solutions! The final answer to the location of the eggs is shown below are given below;



Unscrambling the letters reveals the location:

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! I T S  I N  T H E  R A B B I T  C A G E

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