Editorial Feedback


I’d like to provide the feedback that I am enjoying (and agreeing with!) your editorials in Actuaries magazine. They are excellent. Your July column contained a lot of sense around the lack of long-term thinking in areas where it is desperately needed. Your choice of heading– ‘Myopia’– was spot on.

On reading your August column I reflected that topics such as equity and “fairness between stakeholders” are indeed less prominent actuarial themes than they were. In my view they still have plenty of relevance, but often in different areas than at other times. In particular the issue of intergenerational equity is receiving attention both in fields where actuaries are involved and elsewhere.

Of interest to some members might be the Intergenerational Foundation which contains articles covering a wide range of topics where intergenerational equity issues exist. The Intergenerational Foundation is an “independent non-party-political charity that exists to research fairness between the generations in order to protect the rights of younger and future generations in British policy-making.”The articles relate to the UK so may not be directly relevant here but there are plenty of parallels for Australian actuaries to reflect on.

Christine Brownfield, FIAA

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