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Trust us, we are here for you - Rebuilding trust in Financial Services

Chief Editor of Actuaries Digital Angat Sandhu discusses how Financial Services organisations can start winning back customer trust.


Introducing the new Diversity and Inclusion Working Group

The Institute has established a new working group to help implement a new Diversity and Inclusion Strategy endorsed by the Institute’s Council at its June meeting. The Group is seeking three male champions.  

The challenge of delivering change and meeting members’ needs - CEO Column

In this month’s CEO Column, David Bell outlines progress on the Institute’s 2015-17 Strategic Plan, its finances, changes to the HQ team, and challenges to be faced.


Thinking strategically about technical processes: Part 2 - How much can you really save?

In the second instalment of this series, Phil Stott shares his opinion on the benefits of thinking strategically about core technical processes.

Thinking strategically about technical processes - Part 1: An idea whose time has come!

In the first instalment of this series, Phil Stott shares his opinion on why actuaries must think strategically about technical processes to survive and thrive in a changing market.


New strategy for Institute

Actuarial Transformation – The Future Actuary

Actuarial Transformation represents a fundamental change to the operating model of an actuarial team.

Let's Go Digital

What we envisage is an enhanced digital relationship with Members, and the broader community. This will allow us to provide timely (sometimes real-time) news and information relevant to actuaries, and to the broader community interested in the work of the profession.

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