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I am an actuary

Becoming an actuary brings endless opportunities to your career including working abroad and in versatile industries. Discover what opportunities the profession has brought to six recently qualified actuaries. 

I am an Actuary

In this particular instalment of 'I am an Actuary', our newly qualified members speak about how actuarial studies was their calling in life. Actuaries are not only well-trained in technical skills, but they are passionate individuals who love to give back to the community and see real value in their work. 

I am an Actuary - November 2017

This particular instalment of the 'I am an Actuary' series highlights the diversity of career backgrounds and journeys actuaries take to become qualified, including how and when members decided to begin their actuarial journey.

I am an Actuary

Actuaries come from all walks of life and the decision to study actuarial science comes at the most unexpected times. Martin Mulcare has prepared the most recent instalment of the I am an Actuary series following the Professionalism Course. Read about six actuaries who each have a unique story about how and when they decided to become an actuary.

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