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Spreadsheet to the Head Seat: Perspectives from actuaries turned leaders - Part 2

This is the second instalment of a four-part series where Byron Wong and Danny Bechara interview four actuaries-turned-leaders. This instalment explores key leadership strengths of actuaries and the role of education and mentoring in forming leaders.

Highlights from the Mentoring Program information session

Last month, the Mentoring Working Group held an information session as the 2017/18 intake progressed. Consultant at KPMG, Tim Lam shares a summary of the session and some highlights. 

President's Column - How can Mentoring Open Doors to Career Development?

Institute President Jenny Lyon gives some insight into the benefits of the Institute's Mentoring Program and just how mentoring arrangements can help to develop young actuaries' networks and career.

Mentor Skills – a Practical Example

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